Universal Orlando Express Pass

Maximize your fun on your favorite participating rides and attractions in both theme parks. Experience an entire universe of excitement and have more time to see and do it all.

Universal Express is not free. The upside of this feature is that fewer people will be utilizing the Express lines, making the waits generally shorter. The only way that you can get an Unlimited Express Pass for FREE is when you stay at the following resorts, Portofino Bay, Hard Rock Hotel and Royal Pacific.

Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

What options are available for purchase?

Express Plus Passes: These are available for purchase on Universal’s website, at the ticket gates, or at certain locations inside the parks. The Express Plus pass allows entry into the Express line once for each participating attraction. You can purchase Express Plus Passes for 1- or 2-park entry. The 1-park pass is good in one park only; you can’t use it in two parks on the same day. The 2-park passes can be used in both parks on the same day.

Park to Park VIP Ticket: Includes both park admission and entry into the Express lines. The Park to Park VIP ticket is an upgrade to the Express Plus Pass in that it allows you to use the Express line an unlimited amount of times per day. This pass is good for both parks. Park to Park VIP Tickets can be purchased in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 days increments. The multiple day passes can be used anytime within a 14-day period from first use of the pass. So if you purchase a 3-day Park to Park VIP Ticket, you can use it on any 3 days within 14 days of first use. These passes will vary in price based upon demand and of course the number of days purchased.

Unlimited Express Pass: Allows unlimited entry to the Express lines of participating attractions. This pass is sold only at the gate and is not available on the website. The best way to get this pass for free is staying at a participating on-site hotels.

How does Express Pass work?  Show your Express pass to the Team Member at the ride entrance, and they will direct you to the Express line. It’s convenient as you don’t have to return to an attraction at a specific time. You are free to tour on your own schedule.

How many people can use an Express pass? Each pass is good for one person, each member of your party will need their own Express pass. Universal’s Team Members are very good about checking the passes to ensure they are valid for that day.

Where can you use Express? You can use Express Pass on almost all major attractions in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with the exception of all attractions in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as the Pteranodon Flyers in Islands of Adventure.

Will I avoid waiting in line? I’ve walked directly onto rides in the Express line, and I’ve waited several minutes. Some attractions have a separate Express line all the way to the loading area, and some attractions merge the Express line with the regular line. But it’s always much shorter than waiting in the stand-by line.

Do I have to purchase in advance? No. You can purchase Express Plus and Unlimited Express at the gates, and Express Plus at selected locations in the parks. The best value is staying at an on-site resort, the FREE Unlimited Express Pass is the best value in terms of time saver at the parks.

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