Universal Orlando Early Park Admission

One of the best perks of staying onsite at any of the 4 Universal Orlando Resorts or a participating partner hotel is Early Park Admission. You will get an extra HOUR in the parks before they are open to the public. You can ride some of the most popular attractions with little to no wait at all!


When you check in the front desk will inform you of which park is open during your visit for Early Admission. The turnstiles to the park participating in early entry will open 60-90 minutes before the official opening time. Early Park Admission eligible guests (including children) will need to show their room key to pass beyond the park’s entry plaza during the early admission hour. Guests not eligible for early park admission will be held in an alternative area to await the official park opening time.

During early park admission, all of the attractions, shops, and restaurants in the participating Wizarding World area should be open, along with select attractions outside the Harry Potter area. Early entry is by far the best time to experience Hogsmeade Village or Diagon Alley, depending on which side is open for Early Park Admission.

If you are staying at a partner hotel there will not be transportation available from your hotel to the parks for Early Park Admission. To get the most out of the Early Park Admission I suggest staying on-site at Universal as the water taxi’s and shuttles will run 30-60 minutes prior to early admission depending on the season.

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