Disney Cruise Packing | 9 Things NOT To Forget

It’s time for your Disney Cruise packing, probably the night before departure (if you are like me). Of course you won’t forget your bathing suits and shorts, but you may forget these 9 essential items.

disney cruise packing

After multiple Disney Cruises I realize every time I forget something, and I always pack more than I need. This list includes 9 things you may not think about for your standard vacation, but will want to pack for a Disney Cruise vacation. When you forget something on a cruise it may cost you twice as much to buy on board.

Disney Cruise Packing

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  1. Pirate Costume- On every Disney Cruise there is a Pirate Night, complete with fireworks and a special after party. Join in the fun by wearing a costume, it’s encourage by the crew!
  2. Extra Carry-On Bag – I know you are thinking, why would I take an extra bag. You can save a ton of money on your cruise if you fill this with snacks (great for the movies and pool). You can use this bag for dirty clothes or souvenirs.
  3. Portable Shoe Rack– This is great for longer (7 nights or more) cruises. You can hang the shoe rack on the back of the bathroom door for shoes, socks, bathroom items. This item will double the storage available to you without taking up space.
  4. Stateroom Door Decorations– Many guests like to decorate their stateroom doors.  This is a fun activity for the whole family before your cruise.  When you arrive, you can then personalize your stateroom for the cruise, this helps to always remember your room.
  5. Waterproof Bags– Protecting your electronics from the sand and sea is important.
  6. Travel Mugs– Whether a Yeti or Tervis junkie, bring your cups to refill at the soda station. The drink station includes unlimited beverages during your entire cruise. Disney has little paper cups, it’s best to bring your own.
  7. Beach Blanket– I love the Elcoho because it is sand-proof and folds up easily into a bag at the end of the day.
  8. Travel Power Strip– Standard surge protector plugs are not allowed, but these smaller outlet multipliers are allowed. If you have a lot of charging needs (what family doesn’t) then you need this.
  9. Wrinkle Releaser– There are only a few ironing boards on the Disney ships, this helps you look a little less out of the suitcase.

disney cruise packing

Some of these items may seem trivial, and others a necessity, no matter where they fall in your packing spectrum be sure not to leave without them next time you set sail.


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