How To Get From Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando

I get asked all the time, how do we visit Universal if we are staying at Walt Disney World? The answer is more simple than you would think. With Universal Orlando Resort growing by leaps and bounds, many Disney guests want to visit for a day or two.

how to get from Disney World to Universal orlando

Disney does not provide transportation to Universal from their hotels. So how exactly do you get to Universal from Disney?

How To Get From Walt Disney World to Universal

There are a few different ways you can get from your Walt Disney World Resort to Universal. Your travel style will help decide the best route for your vacation.

1. Rent A Car

Disney World has an Alamo rental office located on property at the Walt Disney World Car Care Center. You can rent a car for the day and head to Universal. Be sure to add parking at Universal into your budget, since this will be an additional cost when renting a car. Alamo will pick you up at your Disney Resort and take you to their office. After you return the car, they will take you back to your Disney resort hotel.

If you don’t mind Orlando drivers, traffic, and paying $25 to park, this is the option for you.

2. UBER/Lyft

This could be the most costly and unreliable way to get there. Depending on when you want to go you could be paying surge fees and it can cost upwards of $60 one-way. You should be able to find a ride, but during busy season it may be a little harder. I don’t know about you, but waiting for a ride with kids at the end of a long day is not my idea of a relaxing vacation.

how to get from disney world to universal orlando

3. Taxi

You can always catch a taxi from your Disney Hotel or call 407-699-9999 to schedule a pick-up. The price is around $45 each way plus tip for a taxi from the Disney area to Universal. Getting a taxi back to your resort could be frustrating, as they aren’t waiting for guests at CityWalk entrance. It’s best to go to the taxi area and call for a pick up.

4. Park To Park Ticket WITH Transportation

Destinations in Florida Travel offers a ticket called the 1-Day/2-Park Pass and it includes free shuttle transfers from your Disney Resort to Universal Orlando. This is a very easy process. Once you book your (1 or 2) day park tickets with transfers you will receive a voucher. Call the number on the voucher to schedule pick-up, the van will be out front of resort on designated day, at exact time. When you want to leave Universal you will call the transportation company directly and schedule a pick-up anytime from 3 pm-1 am. This allows you time to enjoy CityWalk dining, shopping and nightlife before heading back to Disney World.

Pricing: (this may change)

1 Day/2 Park Ticket 

$207.05 Adult
$201.73 Child (3-9)

2 Day/2 Park Ticket

$334.22 Adult
$323.57 Child

While it may seem strange “cheating” on the mouse, there are great thrills and fun at Universal Orlando. You came all the way to Orlando, how can you leave without a butterbeer?


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