6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Vacation

There are a million things to remember before leaving on vacation. In between tracking down sunscreen and squeezing in that last outfit, it’s easy to forget to prepare your home.  I want to share a few simple tips, that will give you piece of mind before heading out for vacation.

prepare for vacation

Prepare for Vacation: 6 Simple Tips For Your Home

1.Put Spare Keys Away

Take away spare keys, while you’re out of town.  No matter how clever you think you are, burglars have already been there and done that when it comes to getting into your home.  Set a reminder on your phone to put the key back when you get home from vacation.

2. Clean Out The Fridge

Throw away food that will expire while you’re gone. Nobody wants to come home to a science experiment gone wrong.

3. Stop Newspaper and Mail Delivery 

Nothing is a bigger giveaway that you aren’t home than newspapers and mail piling up in front of your house.  It’s easy to contact your newspaper and have them put delivery on hold during the dates of your vacation.  The post office can also hold your mail for you.  This process can be completed online.

prepare for vacation

4. Set Timers for Lights

Making your home look lived in even when you’re not there is a great deterrent for those eyeing it up.  You can purchase timers at your local Home Depot or ACE Hardware Store.  You can set the timers to look like your typical activity, during the time you’re away.

Motion Sensors are also a great deterrent,  install these at the front door or side door of your home.  As there is motion in that area, the lights will turn on.

5. Park A Car In The Driveway

Even if it’s your car from the garage, or the neighbor’s teenager, have a car placed in your driveway to help make it look like someone is coming and going.  This is a simple way to prepare your home for travel.

6. Hire A House or Pet Sitter

If you aren’t comfortable with leaving the house empty, hire a house sitter or pet sitter. Teens are always looking for ways to earn extra cash.  Hire a local teen to watch your house or pets.  This also gives you full peace of mind, while you are away.

prepare for vacation

These relatively simple tips will help keep unwanted guests away and give you a sense of security, while on vacation.  What do you do to prepare your home for vacation?

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