AtmosFX Review: Bring Your Parties To Life

AtmosFX is going to change the way you party, by bringing your decorations to life. AtmosFX sent me a digital decorating kit to try out. The $199 package includes a projector with tripod, window projection material, and 14 digital scenes. You can use this for almost every occasion, and even purchase special limited digital downloads. So is it worth it?

atmosfx review

AtmosFX Review: Bring Your Party To Life

You may be thinking, “Why would I spend $199 on a decorating kit?”, considering some people go all out for holiday’s and will spend upwards of $200 on decorations this really isn’t that costly in the long run. In fact it will save you money, as you don’t have to replace a broken inflatable or buy balloons by the dozen.

In the box is a projector, tripod, remote control (batteries not included), 4 x 6-foot projection cloth with adhesive tape, and 14 digital scenes pre-loaded on an SD card. It is pretty self-explanatory, and doesn’t take a lot of time to set up.

atmosfx review

The projector is extremely light plastic (remember the price point). It was very stable on the tripod in the horizontal format and projected images well. When trying out vertical scenes (for taller windows), it was a little more touchy. The focus dial is adjustable by hand, you just have to play with it until you get the perfect projection. Keep in mind that this is not a home theater projector, but more a fun kit for occasional use.

The SD card goes in the back, and the images are populated. There are a myriad of choices from Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthday and more. We played around with various images, and I have to say the Halloween is pretty scary! So if you do a haunted house this would be a worthwhile investment for you. Some are live action (with special effects) and some are digital animations; all include a soundtrack. The music addition is a fun surprise, the kids thought it was a lot of fun.

atmosfx review

With the kit, you can project the scenes on a window (using the included cloth) or on a wall. Some can also be projected onto an optional free-hanging cloth that creates a hologram effect. In addition, you can also play many of the scenes on a TV (they are .mp4 files). Each scene is labeled so you can see what projection methods it supports and whether it is intended for a vertical or horizontal display.

atmosfx review

New For 2018

Dinosaur Encounter, the first-ever prehistoric Digital Decoration, perfect for dinosaur-themed birthday parties, special celebrations, and any space in need of life-like dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Encounter digital download is sure to make any summer parties a hit. The collection features four types of dinosaurs; Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaur, and Velociraptors, who thunder into your home sniffing, roaring, frolicking, and fighting with all the ferocity that earned them the title, “terrible lizards!” The Tyrannosaurus rex, the monarch of dinosaurs, hunts for her next meal. She’s on the scent of her prey, so watch out. The Triceratops may seem dull-witted and slow, but those horns and powerful charge prove a challenge to a would-be predator.

atmosfx review

The AtmosFx is a really fun way to decorate your house for the holidays. The 14 scenes included with the kit are fun, and AtmosFx sells even more on their website. The only cons I have are the remote is a little finicky, and you have to be really close to projector to change scenes and there is no auto-focus feature.

Do you do a lot of holiday or special occasion decorating?


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