Adult Popsicle Recipes: 7 Fun and Boozy Treats

These adult popsicle recipes are all easy to follow, and all of them contain some kind of alcohol. I have to say anything with Kahlua is sure to be my favorite. These DIY popsicle recipes are perfect for parties and special occasions. Whip them up before your next poolside celebration and be the hit of the party.

adult popsicles

Adult Popsicle: 7 Recipes To Remember

There are recipes for a champagne popsicle, wine popsicle and more. Take your pick from these seven fun recipes.

  1. Frozen Sweet Tea Vodka Pops Recipe by HomecookingMemories
  2. Kahula Popsicle’s by
  3. Peach Prosecco Popsicle’s by WhatThe Fork Food Blog 
  4. Strawberry Sangria Homemade Popsicle’s by
  5. Bloody Mary homemade Popsicle’s by
  6. Bourbon and Coke DIY Popsicle’s Recipe by
  7. Peach Bellini Popsicle’s by Livelovetexas 

adult popsicles

Which of these adult treats will you make for your next celebration? I have a batch of strawberry sangria pops in the freezer for the holiday weekend. 

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