Family Night: Why It Should Be A Priority

Family Night is important in our home. It is a time for everyone to put down their devices, and enjoy time together. While that may seem insignificant, in today’s over stimulated society it is actually very relevant and a positive enforcement for the kids. It can also open up lines of communication between you and your children because you aren’t distracted.

Family Night: Make It A Priority 

Nowadays, everyone’s schedules are so hectic and there’s so much going on from day-to-day. Bonding with your kids is essential for a strong family unit, and it’s nice to make a day special for spending time together every once in a while. Pick a day of the week that works for everybody and dedicate that night to your weekly family night. No excuses, no other plans: that night will be your family night every week.

How Is This Positive For Families?

1. Opening the lines communication

You might not be able to ask your kids how their day is every single night if everyone’s schedules don’t align. A weekly family night allows for you all to have a dedicated night where you have an opportunity to talk about your lives with each other. If your kids aren’t very talkative and give you a “fine” or “okay” every time you ask them a question, a weekly family night can be a great chance to have everyone go around and talk about what they did that week. Talking regularly will allow your children to feel like they can communicate with you in a time of need. Not only will they want to tell you the good things in their lives, they’ll also feel comfortable talking to you when things aren’t that great.

2. Allowing an opportunity for bonding

Kids grow up so fast. One minute, you’re in the hospital signing a birth certificate and the next minute, you blink and they’re off to college. Don’t let the time go by without establishing a solid bond with your children. Your kids are going to love any time they get to spend with you and a designated night for that will be good for everyone. Laughing together, talking, and having fun will strengthen the bond you have. These opportunities for bonding as a family will also create everlasting memories. Make sure to take lots of pictures of your family nights to look back on, because the tradition will be something your kids will truly appreciate and look forward to.

3. Making your children feel loved

Of course, your kids know you love them. You may say “I love you” every night before bed, or every time you send them off to school, or even every chance you get. Spending time together as much as possible will increase their self-esteem and make them feel wanted and loved. You want your home to be a safe space where your children can be themselves and feel comfortable. When everyone is all caught up in their crazy lives or on their phones and computers at home, kids can tend to feel forgotten. A weekly family night will open the door for time that feels special to them. This family night is for your kids, so make it all about making them feel good!

Here are some ideas for weekly family night

family night

  • Game night: round up all of your favorite card games and board games and have a family game night. Pull out the classics like Monopoly and Life and integrate some newer games like Heads Up and Catch Phrase.
  • Build your own ice cream sundae: There’s nothing better than some family bonding that satisfies your sweet tooth. Stock up on everything you’ll need to make ice cream sundaes. Make sure to get a variety of ice cream as well as everyone’s favorite toppings. Don’t forget the hot fudge and the sprinkles!
  • Movie night: Enjoy a nice relaxing night of sitting in the living room and watch family-friendly movies together. Don’t forget the popcorn, and don’t stop at one movie! Let everyone pick a movie of their choice and spend the whole night watching flicks on the couch.
  • Have a bonfire: You don’t have to go far to have an adventure! Build a bonfire in the backyard and enjoy the nice spring weather. Wear layers so you don’t get bit by mosquitos and cozy up by the warm fire as a family. You can’t have a bonfire without the s’mores, so try these creative s’more recipes!
  • Sing-along: Turn on some music and everyone sing along to some family sing-along songs. You’ll all have a blast belting out the notes, and you can up the antics and have a dance-off during the songs too. Your kids can even play the air guitar and use pots and pans for drums to add some instruments to the night!

With everything going on in our lives it is crucial that I spend time with my girls, especially with one graduating high school in May. I can tell you first hand, the years go by so fast. So take the time to make these memories with your kids, because the next thing you know you are helping them choose a college.

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