Everyday California Review: A Brand For Your Next Adventure

Everyday California, is a clothing brand that is ready for any adventure. As a family that travels, and spends a good deal of time adventuring, I am always looking for kids clothes that will hold up to the task. My kids embrace the California lifestyle, and have fallen in love with this fun and fresh brand.

Not only is this a cool and comfortable clothing brand, but also a tour company offering awesome adventure tours of the California Coast.

Everyday California Review

Everyday California started with two beach bums running kayaks from a storage unit in an old pickup, leading discounted tours and booking appointments on a cell phone. After some success, they opened the first shop three blocks from La Jolla Shores. It was just over 500 sq ft and the dream had begun. Owners Chris and Michael didn’t want to just keep this local, but they wanted to share the California culture globally.

These humble beginnings are the origins of Everyday California. It also shows that you truly can do anything with hard work and a vision. I absolutely love that!

everyday california review


Everyday California offers apparel for men, women and kids. Today I want to talk about the kids clothing line. I don’t know about your kids but mine are rough on clothes. I am always looking for good quality, preferably made in the USA, and without the sticker shock. I will admit, when this brand approached me I had not heard of it before. Being on the East Coast we don’t get a lot of “Cali-lifestyle” brands sold in our stores unless you hit the beach shops.

This is definitely more of a boutique lifestyle brand in my opinion, and I think that is because of the quality of the clothes. They aren’t mass produced over seas. They are designed and printed right in California, which I love because they are giving jobs to their community.

everyday california review

Miss. M has worn this shirt twice already! She said it is the softest t-shirt she ever had. I know we will definitely be adding a few more shirts to her summer wardrobe and maybe even a hoodie for those cool evenings.

everyday california review


Not only can you buy great clothes from Everyday California when you are in La Jolla, you can also take awesome adventures with them. Passionate water-men are at the core of the company, providing safe and fun kayak tours and snorkeling adventures of one of the most unique coastlines in all of California. The abundant marine life including sea lions, garibaldi fish, sea turtles, harmless leopard sharks, dolphins and even gray whales make for a truly memorable experience.

everyday california

The California lifestyle is sandals and board shorts everyday of the year. It’s a lifestyle, A choice to live life to the fullest and have fun everyday. Everyday California embraces that lifestyle and is sharing it with us!


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