Insider Tips For The Ultimate Universal Orlando Resort Vacation

Universal Orlando Resort has so many fun and hidden secrets, you would never know them all without a little help. With over 15 visits to this resort, I often look for the not so obvious things in the parks and at the on-site resorts. Here are a few insider tips to enhance your next visit to Universal Orlando.

universal orlando insider tips
Universal Orlando Resort is the only theme park destination in the world where you, your family and your friends can feel all these things in the same day: rush, joy, exhilaration, total outrageousness, extreme fun and everything else. It is a unique destination where guests are not just entertained – they become part of their own entertainment and adventure.

Universal Orlando Insider Tips

Whether this is your first visit or tenth, I bet you don’t know all of these insider secrets at Universal Orlando Resort. Some may be obvious, or popular topics among regulars while others may be kept more quiet. Here are my eight favorite tips to share with visitors to the epic theme park.

universal orlando insider tips
This may not look like much, but it is a HUGE piece of Beatles memorabilia. Find it on a VIBE tour.

1. Hidden History at Hard Rock Cafe

Behind the Hard Rock Cafe, is a huge rock wall.  But it’s not just any wall, it is actually part of the Berlin Wall.  This is an amazing piece of history, just tucked into the scenery in the rock garden.

2. Immigration Tours at Men In Black Alien Attack

If you’ve ever been in line for the Men In Black: Alien Attack, you’ve seen the giant immigration room that comes straight out of the movies. If you are lucky, you can actually get a tour of the ground floor of the immigration room. Simply ask a team member at the ride entrance if they are offering immigration tours. It’s a fun little FREE activity.

universal orlando insider tips

3. Bring Your Own Pool Float To Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Cabana Bay Beach Resort is a family favorite Universal Orlando hotel. Along with it’s great feature pool they also have a lazy river,  you can always buy a pool float at the resort.  However, they will blow up your pool float and even deflate it at the end of your vacation…all for FREE!

4. Souvenir Guitar Picks at Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel is such a fun resort, it offers a lot of cool amenities like an underwater sound system at the pool, the song “Hotel California” playing at dusk every night, and even guitars you can borrow to learn to play. One of my kids favorite extras is the room key guitar pick. You can bring your room key (from any on-site resort) to the front desk at Hard Rock Hotel and they will cut your room key to make a guitar pick. You just scored a free souvenir.

5. Tour Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia

Did you know you could get a tour for FREE at Universal Orlando?  Simply visit the hostess stand at the Hard Rock Cafe and ask when they will be giving VIBE Tours. This is a private tour of the memorabilia around Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, the host has extensive knowledge of every piece in the cafe. If you are lucky enough, this may even include a VIP tour of the White Room.  This room is filled with amazing Beatles memorabilia.

6. Secret Entrance at Universal Studios

Bypass the main entrance and sneak in under the radar at Universal Studios. This entrance can be found under Rip Ride Rockit by the Blue Man Group Theater.

universal orlando insider tips

7. Unlock Hidden Songs on Rip Ride Rockit

Already play through all the songs on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster? Don’t worry, there’s a secret playlist of even more songs to choose from. Just hold down the ride’s logo for 10 seconds after getting buckled in, then enter a three-digit code on the number pad that pops up and press enter to rock out to a secret song.

Click here for a full list of songs and their corresponding numbers.

8. Find Adam at Marvel Super Hero Island

The story is that Adam Kubert, the man behind the heroes, wasn’t allowed to sign his art. So he hid his name in the pieces he painted. See if you can find the hidden “Adam” on your next visit!

There you have it, my top eight secrets you can find at Universal Orlando Resort. Do you have any secrets to share? I would love to hear them! 



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