NECTAR Mattress Review: Comfort and Affordability

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Do you need a new mattress? I know I sure did! We bought a mattress when we got married 10 years ago, and ours had seen better days. I was beginning to feel the coils in some spots. The problem was, we didn’t want to spend an insane amount of money for a new mattress. Have you seen some mattress pricing these days? Some are at least two months mortgage, just for a bed–I cannot justify that type of cost.

NECTAR Mattress

NECTAR Mattress: Where Comfort and Affordability Meet

Did you know, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed? This means we should spend the money on a good mattress-and that is where NECTAR saves the day. In a nutshell the NECTAR mattress is a memory foam mattress, but it is also sold at an affordable price point. They had me intrigued at comfort and affordability, because generally they don’t go hand in hand. I ordered the King size mattress and patiently awaited its arrival. Is this really “the most comfortable bed”?

NECTAR mattress

The Nectar Mattress is delivered vacuum sealed, in a large blue bag. The mattress comes in a long roll, and is very tall and heavy, the king size is almost 100 pounds.  Before you take it from the bags, you will need to place the mattress where you would like it to be set up since this is where it will expand. Remove the blue bag, and then the grey zippered bag that contains the actual mattress. The mattress is compressed in a heavy plastic bag, be sure to use the cutting tool that NECTAR sends so you don’t cut the mattress.

As soon as you start removing the plastic the mattress will begin to expand. It takes a few hours for it to fully expand, so you may want to plan to do it early in the day so the bed is ready when you are. You may also experience an “aroma” from the mattress, this is typical of high-quality grade foams. The smell won’t last long, maybe 24 hours at most.

NECTAR mattress review

In under 30 minutes we had the mattress from the front porch to the bed, it could not have been more simple. If you don’t want to fuss with setting up the mattress yourself, you can choose the “white glove” delivery option, and NECTAR will set up the mattress for you, this service will also remove your old mattress. The cost for this service is an additional $149, not bad for set up and delivery.

Feel free to read the Nectar mattress review from for an in-depth look at Nectar’s latest offerings. This is a 3,000 word review covering the technicals and more.

What makes NECTAR different?

The first layer of the NECTAR mattress is a Tencel cooling cover that promotes air circulation. The second layer is quilted memory foam which provides loft, air circulation and contours to your body. The third layer is made of gel memory foam which distributes weight and pressure. The fourth layers is an adaptive hi-core memory foam which provides support and bounce and the fifth layer reinforces the contouring and support layer providing a stable foundation for the whole mattress.

With NECTAR you get the support of a firm mattress with the comfort of a pillow top. NECTAR’s combination of layers and materials allows NECTAR to both contour and support your body.

nectar mattress review

Forever Warranty: YES Forever

The Nectar Mattress also comes with The FOREVER WARRANTY™ , and that means exactly what it says. If your Nectar breaks from normal use they will replace it free of charge, doesn’t matter how long you have had it! NECTAR offers the forever warranty because they are confident that the high quality materials your mattress is made will last, well forever.

nectar mattress review

It Costs How Much?

Cost is usually a deal breaker with a mattress, not with NECTAR. They cut out the middleman and ship directly to the buyer, and this helps keep cost low. No pesky salesman to deal with trying to get a commission.

Current pricing per the NECTAR website

Twin: $375.00

Twin XL: $425.00

Full: $575.00

Queen: $670.00

King: $775.00

California King: $775.00

Yes you are absolutely reading those prices right, rock bottom low pricing for a high quality mattress. You can also get two free memory foam pillows if you order this month.

NECTAR mattress

How Did I Sleep?

I have to admit I was a tad skeptical about a mattress that I never touched or sat on, but I figured it has to be better than the coils poking me in the back from my old mattress. We have been sleeping on the NECTAR King mattress for a week now, and it is becoming more and more comfortable and starting to conform to our sleep patterns.

Full Video Review


Sleep is important, and a Nectar Mattress is the mattress you have been looking for. Purchase your Nectar Mattress today for a better sleep tonight!

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