Holiday Shopping with DOSH: Cashback In An Instant

Holiday shopping is upon us, and if you are like me you want to find the best deals. DOSH is a simple cashback app that pays you to shop! You don’t even have to leave your house, because you can shop directly from the app and get your cashback instantly. No pesky forms to fill out, or rebates to submit. Want to learn more–keep reading!

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Holiday Shopping with DOSH

After a weekend of shopping over Thanksgiving break, I found many of my favorite merchants on DOSH and got cash back with the click of the checkout button. So who is on DOSH this holiday season? Take a look at my favorite merchants and the cashback offers you can take advantage of this holiday shopping season.

Local Merchants

On DOSH you can shop locally or online. I did find a few local merchants on Black Friday offering cashback so of course I took advantage of the extra savings. Always check your DOSH app when you are out and about shopping this season, you never know who will pop up on the local merchant list.

Hallmark Gold Crown Store:  I always get my girls Hallmark ornaments for the tree, and I took full advantage of the whopping 7% cashback at my local store.

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Sams Club: This cashback came in handy when shopping for our Thanksgiving meal. It may not seem like a lot, but 2% adds up on a big order. You can get some great electronics deals as well at Sams, and that will certainly add a nice bit of change to your DOSH wallet.

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Online Merchants

I will admit, I prefer to shop from the comforts of home and avoid the masses in the stores. I was ecstatic to see many of my favorite stores offering cashback with DOSH. Also, with the online shopping experience you can choose from a variety of offers listed. Not only will you get cashback but you may score extra discounts or free shipping.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: This store definitely gets a lot of miles from me around the holidays, and at 7.5% cash back how can I not shop here.

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Patagonia: My oldest daughter loves this store, however my wallet doesn’t. I took full advantage of 6% cashback and free shipping. It adds up ya’ll!

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I also found great savings online at Old Navy, GAP, Disney Store and Under Armour. All of these stores are offering anywhere from 2%-6% cashback on every purchase. With the click of the checkout button you will see cash in your DOSH wallet in no time. Over the course of the last week I have earned $145.00 cashback! I can transfer that right back to my bank account, talk about easy.

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Peace of Mind and Privacy

The Dosh app is VERY secure. Dosh will never store your username, password, credit card data, or bank account information in your app or on our servers. All purchase transactions you make using Dosh are encrypted. This means your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and any personal data won’t be stored in your phone, so you don’t have to worry about it if you lose your device.

How Do You Get Dosh?

Now, it’s time to get the app. Apple and Android users can both use Dosh, so there is no reason not to download and start using Dosh today.

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Google Play Download 

Are you ready to get paid to do your holiday shopping?  If so download Dosh today, and start seeing cash back in an instant! 

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