Disney Christmas Ornaments: Save Money and Make Your Own

Disney Christmas ornaments can be costly to trim the tree with, but they don’t have to be, if you make your own. These 16 simple DIY ornaments will have your holiday decorations screaming Merry Christmas in no time.

You don’t even have to be super crafty to make these fun ornaments. Believe me, I am not the crafty type and even I can make these simple step by step ornaments. Not only will these look great on the tree, but they are fun handmade gifts to give as well. Perfect for teachers or classroom gifts for the kids.

Thanks to many of our more crafty friends on pinterest, I have rounded up my favorites. Why not save some money and create your own holiday keepsakes this year?

Disney Christmas Ornaments

Disney Christmas Ornaments: 16 Fun and Easy DIY Ideas

These fun and easy ornaments feature everything from your favorite characters, to Disney parks and classic Disney movies. The best part is the options are really endless, and you can be as creative as you like.

If you happen to be like me, and are in charge of the holiday craft party at school any of these could be a great option. Maybe do the school janitorial staff a favor and steer away from anything that involves glitter, otherwise there are many options to choose from.

disney christmas ornaments

  1. Disney Guide Map Ornaments 
  2. DIY Star Wars Ornaments
  3. Big Hero Six Baymax Ornament
  4. Disney Movie Quote Ornaments 
  5. Disney Channel Princess Inspired Ornaments  
  6. DIY Mike Wazowski Ornament  
  7. Pixie Dust Disneyland Ornament  
  8. Painted Baymax Ornament  
  9. DIY Olaf Figure Ornament   
  10. Leia and Hans Solo Ornament  
  11. Disney Princess Glitter Ornaments  
  12. Easy DIY Mickey Ornament  
  13. Disney Inspired Ornaments  
  14. DIY Bulb Mickey Ornaments  
  15. Disney Glitter Christmas Ornaments  
  16. DIY Mickey & Minnie Ornaments

There are so many magical and fun ways to dress up your decor this year. Which one will you be trying?

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Carrie is a crafty mom of 3 from Ohio. She loves Disney and Travel. Her mission is to find JOY in every situation and share it. Her definition of "crafting" is hot glue and a Silhouette Cameo.

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