Disney Vacation Countdowns: 20 Fun Ideas To Do At Home

Disney vacation countdowns are my favorite way to prepare for a trip. Whether we are counting down to a Disney Cruise or a trip to the parks, the countdown finds a prominent place in our home. Today, I have put together 20 Disney Vacation Countdown ideas for you to do at home.

disney vacation countdowns

Disney Vacation Countdowns: DIY

If you aren’t a creative person, that’s ok! I have put together 20 easy, no fail ways to countdown to your next Disney vacation. As for the countdowns that require a vinyl machine, just ask a friend that owns one to print it off for you. The part I love the most is that these are very affordable, and can be made with supplies from the dollar store.


1. Disney Vacation Countdown Free Printable

2. Vinyl Disney Vacation Countdown

3. DIY Disney Paint Chip Countdown

4. Minnie Mouse Printable Disney Countdown

5. Chevron Mickey Disney Vacation Countdown

6. Disney World Calendar Countdown

7. Mickey Inspired Disney Trip Countdown

8. Disney Trip Fun Bags

9. Disneyland Countdown Print

10. Printable Disney Countdown Chain

disney vacation countdowns
Easy countdown chain!

11. Days Until We Go to Disney

12. Disney Pin Countdown

13. DIY Disney Countdown Treat Box

14. Disneyland Countdown Chain

15. Yoda Countdown to Disneyland 

16. Mickey Head Countdown Calendar

17. DIY Washi Tape Disney Countdown

18. Mickey Frame Countdown 

19. DIY Disney Clothespin Countdown

20. Printable Chalkboard Disney Vacation Countdown

disney vacation countdowns


How many days until your next Disney vacation?  Will you be using one of these countdown ideas?

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