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Fun Mom Dinner is one of the funniest “Mom movies” I have seen. Peppered with an all-star cast that everyone can relate to (yes even the Dads), you will find yourself wondering if that is you on the screen. I was invited to the press event by Momentum Pictures this week, and while the stomach flu kept me home I still have the inside scoop from the cast and makers of the film.

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Fun Mom Dinner

Four moms whose only common ground is their kids’ preschool class, decide to get together for a harmless “fun mom dinner.” The night begins as a disaster, but the combination of alcohol, karaoke, and a cute bartender, leads to an unforgettable night where these seemingly different women realize they have more in common than motherhood and men.

In a nutshell that is Fun Mom Dinner, but it is really so much more. As I watched the movie, I saw myself in each Mom. While all very different they are very much the same. As Moms, we get lost in the job of motherhood. The running errands, school events, cleaning and laundry-it’s endless. We even lose sight of our husbands, often an after-thought, when the kids wear you down for 12 plus hours. This movie gave me a new hope, that while this job is hard–don’t get me wrong, I can have it all, including friends.

fun mom dinner

Cast Of Characters

The four featured actresses in this film are for sure characters in their own right. The comedy stars Toni Collette (Kate), Molly Shannon (Jamie), Bridget Everett (Melanie) and Katie Aselton (Emily).

Kate (Toni Collette) is “mommed out” with play dates, school meetings, and coffee gatherings. She has her own way to cope with the stresses of motherhood, and that includes her frequently used California Medical Marijuana card.  She is at odds with Melanie (Bridgette Everett) a hard-nosed volunteer at her children’s pre-school who is quintessentially “with it” as a Mom, but we learn she likes to let loose real quick. The two end up at the same dinner, and tensions run high early on but as the casual dinner turns into a wild night out, Melanie realizes she and Kate may not be so different after all. Maybe all they needed was other Moms?

Emily (Katie Aselton) has hit a cold drought in her marriage and is looking for a little extra from her husband, Tom. She wants to be the “perfect” mom and wife but really has no clue what that even means. Date night is few and far between, and Kate longs for her “Jake Ryan”-ahem Sixteen Candles- to whisk her away from it all. Jamie (Molly Shannon) is probably the most chill of the bunch, recently divorced she raises her daughter and has a slight obsession with social media.

Sound like someone you know? Yeah I thought so too. This Mom thing is HARD, like really hard and nobody gave us a handbook to go with it.

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During the interviews Toni Collette hit the nail on the head!

Ms. Toni Collette: I think women wear so many hats, and I think they need to give themselves a break and not feel that they have to be perfect all the time.  The amount of guilt that most mothers that I speak to, the guilt is rife.

And it’s really unfair that we do it to ourselves.  And I think we can probably let go of that.  It’s not healthy.

And that is exactly what “Fun Mom Dinner” is about, find your tribe and go out and have fun. Put being a Mom on the back-burner and be YOU!

During the interviews, screen writer Julie Rudd gave us insight as to why she felt this was a movie that needed to be made. “The genesis of the idea came from my own life in that I found myself–when I put my kids in school, I made an amazing group of school mom friends.” She also said ” This came at a moment in my life where my kids were in school and I was hungry to claim a little piece of my life for myself.”

I think we can all relate to that statement we all need something to call our own at the end of the day.

This is director, Althea Jones first feature film and you would never know it. When asked about working with the four ladies featured in the film she said “They’re all thoroughbreds, like, the caliber of their acting.  Like, they show up to work.  And it made me a better director.  I had to rise up to them, and it was a joy.  It was a very pure experience for me.

This movie is a breath of fresh air for moms, well really for women in general because, I think we can all relate to life getting in they way of “Me Time”. Grab a few friends, and go see “Fun Mom Dinner” this weekend. You will laugh out loud and you won’t care that the laundry isn’t done when you get home.


fun mom dinner

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