Flip Zee Girls and FlipaZoo Review

Your kids will flip for these all new toys. A few weeks ago I attended Sweet Suite at Blogger Bash and came across these new plush pals from Jay @ Play. I love a multi-toy and that is exactly what these guys are!

flipazoo review
ENTER TO WIN BOTH at the end of this post. Thanks Jay@Play for the fantastic prize.


The FlipaZoo toy is two buddies in one- It’s not one lovable animal, but two! Each FlipaZoo features two cuddly soft animals that flip back and forth for two sides of fun! FlipaZoo is simple and easy to do, perfect for kids of any age.

When my daughter opened the mail she knew exactly what this was before I even told her. I wasn’t aware that there was a FlipaZoo craze among kids, but apparently there is. They are soft and cuddly and she can change hers from a cow to a pig with the flip of a wrist. She already said she is taking her on our next airplane ride because they are perfect pillows.

An all new line of FlipaZoo pals came out this spring and can be found at WalMart and online. Kids can even collect FlipAZoo mini plush or trade them with friends. The mini plush would also make for a fun stocking stuffer.


From Wilder Bulldog to Milo Penguin–your kids will flip for this 2 in 1 plush

Flip Zee Girls

Flip from baby to a big girl surprise with new Flip Zee Girls, the babies that flip for you! Each Flip Zee Girl is two dolls in one and features colorful wacky hair, a beautiful dress and a unique personality. Loveable, hug-able and stylish Flip Zee Girls come in six styles to collect.

Flip Zee Girls These little dolls are so cute! When Zara showed up in our mail Miss. M instantly claimed her. What was most fun is she thought it was just a cute baby doll plush. When I showed her that she transforms to a “big girl” she couldn’t believe it (her words). She is already asking for the other Flip Zee Girls to go with the one she has.

flip zee girls
Not one but two dolls!!

Both the FlipaZoo and Flip Zee Girls retail for $19.99, considering it’s two toys in one that’s a great deal. Add these hug-able plush to your child’s Holiday list. I promise they won’t be disappointed to open them.


Jay@Play was kind enough to send me both toys for me to giveaway to my readers! Enter to win these Flipable friends for your little ones.

Flip Zee Girls and FlipaZoo Giveaway

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