Personal Trainer Food: Great Taste, Small Waist- Let’s Find Out

Personal Trainer Food is a program that delivers meals to you, to help you reach your fitness goals. Sounds easy right? In my line of work I am either sitting behind my desk writing or I am on press trips eating high fat foods and drinking alcohol. All bad habits, and all have led to my current weight, one I am pretty pissed about.

personal trainer food

When the opportunity hit my in-box to give this program a try I figured why not. So for the next 28 days I am going to be on the Personal Trainer Food REV Program. What that means is all of my meals will be from this program with the exception of snacks. Those will be an apple, cheese, meats or nuts. Basically it’s a no carb, high protein, high veggie menu for me.

personal trainer food

I hate the way I look in photos more than I hate giving up booze and sweet tea. So let’s give this a go and see where I am in 28 days. I am not going to be writing a weekly blog post, I will check in on day 14 with a full post.

If you want to follow me, each day I will be on instagram/twitter and facebook sharing what I thought, and how it’s going. I will begin Monday, July 31 and complete my cycle on Aug 27. My birthday is the next day, so maybe I will be celebrating with some new clothes! Stay tuned…

Personal Trainer Food

Weight loss is 90% food, 10% exercise. They handle the 90%. Personal Trainer Food gives you what you need to succeed. Ok ya’ll, I’m holding them to this. Let’s see what I am working with for the next 28 days.


Breakfast is an egg of some type and a protein. I tried to mix it up a bit with some variety.

personal trainer food

Lunch and Dinner

With the program I am on veggies are key. So for one meal I will have a leafy green of any kind I want with 2 bags of veggies from the program and salad dressing. The second meal will be one protein and one veggie. I can also add the special butter sauces they sent with my program.

personal trainer food

Heat and Eat

One part about weight loss is all of the work that goes into preparing the meals and cooking them. This plan is simple heat and eat.

personal trainer food

So there you have it. 28 days of meals, and a game plan to go with it. Let’s see how well I do…


Disclosure: I was provided a 28 day box for my honest review. No further compensation will be given.

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