Beat Bugs Toys: Get Them NOW at Target Nationwide

Beat Bugs toys are making their national debut at Target this month. Beat Bugs is the all new hit children’s show on Netflix featuring music from The Beatles. The Beat Bugs live in an overgrown backyard filled with fun, music, and adventure.

Together with friends from around the back yard, they explore, invent, play, and sing. They always seem to find a little mischief along the way, but get by with a little help from their friends.

beat bugs toys
Collect all of your favorite Beat Bugs pals!

Beat Bugs Toys

As a member of the Beat Bugs Dream Team, I was sent a sample of the all new toys to try out. I barely had the box open and my daughter was trying to see if we received the Walter toy. I don’t even know how she knew the toys were out, let alone what toys they had.

We did get Walter, and before long he was “playing” in my basil pots. These toys allow for imaginative play, which is my daughters favorite type of play.

beat bugs toys

Miniature Figurines

Kids can collect all of their favorite pint-sized pals and have their own garden adventures.

beat bugs toys

Sing Along Microphone

What’s a musical show without singing? I catch myself singing along to all of the songs, because I am a Beatles fan. Kids sing along because they are catchy and fun. No matter the reason for singing, this microphone will allow for hours of play.

beat bugs toys

Not only are there toys available, there is also great back to school merchandise. From lunch boxes, book-bags, water bottles and t-shirts your Beat Bugs fans will show up for the first day of school in style.

This is just a small glimpse of all the great toys available. You can find the full collection in-stores or online at Target. Tune into Season 2 of Beat Bugs, now streaming on Netflix!

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