Blogger Bash 2017: A First Timers Experience

Blogger Bash 2017 has come and gone, but the fun hasn’t ended. I was so glad I finally took the leap and got a ticket this year. The brand connections I made, (and bloggers I met) will certainly stay with me. Let’s take a look at what you get when brands, bloggers and NYC come together for two days!

blogger bash recap

Blogger Bash 2017 Recap

What is Blogger Bash?

Blogger Bash is an annual summer event held in New York City. It is an opportunity for bloggers (and vloggers) to attend various events and come face to face with great brands. Thus allowing you to hopefully forge a relationship that will be beneficial to both parties.

From baby products, lifestyle, games and tech there is something for everyone. For this event you want to put on your business owner hat and work the events like you are being paid to do so. Blogger Bash is NOT seminars and learning how to be a better blogger, it’s about making long lasting relationships. I don’t know any bloggers that would turn down the chance at making real brand relationships.

blogger bash 2017

Choose Your Schedule

Blogger Bash had various events planned throughout the city for us, and you could choose which suited you and your brand best. I wish I had RSVP’d for the Toy Insiders Breakfast on Thursday, but I know for next year to be there.  I like that you could choose what suited your personal brand instead of being made to sit in seminars/events that would bore you.

The flexibility over the two-day event also allows you to explore and enjoy the host city! NYC is alive in the summer and should by all means be explored. Who wants to sit in a conference from sun up to sun down? Not me if I can help it, especially when I am in a great city.

My Personal Experience

Day 1

Breakfast hosted by Armitron Watches- Turning Passion Into Adventure

This was a panel of speakers including Lyss Stern (DivaMoms), Sara Roberts (Creative Service Director at ELLE), Barbara Weichselbaum (EVP Armitron), Mary Kate McGrath (EIC PureWow), Olivia Jeanette (Style Influencer) and Rebecca Dube (Editor Today Parenting Team). All women in business who spoke about the challenge of doing it all and raising a family. The ladies also hit home the importance of owning your brand and staying true to what you say.

blogger bash 2017

I love that Armitron is a company that is family owned and operated, and more so that the EVP is the daughter of the man who started it all. From sport watches to designer watches, you can find that special someone a gift. Or heck, treat yourself! Since 1956, Armitron’s mission has been to make stylish, functional timepieces accessible to every person. I would say they have certainly surpassed that mission.

First Timer Tip: If check-in begins at 8.30 am be sure to see when breakfast event begins. I stood around (no food or caffeine in my system) for 90 minutes waiting for the event to start. I could have slept an extra hour, rookie mistake for sure.


This was a miss for me, only because I no longer have babies in the house and don’t write about them. I did see fantastic brands on display, and I am certain many bloggers made great connections. All I can say is baby wearing has come a long way in just 9 years. If you write about baby products, this is a great event for you.

blogger bash 2017
Just a few of the sights at Babypalooza.


I decided to go with CE week because I have older kids and thought a tech show might be a great place to make connections. Sadly, the brands there weren’t too keen on working with bloggers. No big deal, it happens. Also note, this was not run by the BBNYC team, it was a separate event we could attend for free.

blogger bash 2017

Sweet Suite

The grand event of all of Blogger Bash is Sweet Suite. This is the time to shine and make connections with great toy brands you may not otherwise have face time with. You enter a room filled with over 60 top brands ready and willing to work with you. You have four hours to make it count!

The Toy Insider Team really knocks it out of the park. They bring in brands that WANT to work with influencers, you just have to introduce yourself and let them learn about you.

blogger bash 2017

When you aren’t meeting great brands such as Dynacraft, Just Play, Jakks Pacific and so many more you can enjoy great food and drinks. There was a taco bar..need I say more?

blogger bash recap

First Timer Tip: Absolutely 100% DO NOT go into Sweet Suite with the expectations of taking home anything. I am serious. The brands have already provided The Toy Insider with great swag and you get that when you get home. You aren’t there for swag, you are there to build relationships.

Want to know what’s in the box? Take a look at my un-boxing on Facebook.

That was just the FIRST DAY! I was exhausted but I was so thrilled with all of the connections I had made. Already it seemed as though I made my money back on the conference.

Day 2

I will admit I dropped the ball and somehow missed the RSVP deadline for breakfast at The Toy Insider HQ. From what I saw it was a fantastic event and I won’t miss it next year, if it’s available.

Stuff For Moms and Dads

Located at Cantina Rooftop in Hells Kitchen, I was able to mingle some more with great brands. From pets, laundry and other non-toy products I walked away with a few great connections. I cannot wait to share more soon.

We were also treated to the Coping Cabana, a place where we could relax and enjoy an adult beverage.

blogger bash

Tips From a First Timer

  • Bring A LOT of business cards. I thought I was overdoing it taking my box with me, I had 5 left after the event! Also, take a printed media kit, if there is a brand you really want to wow and stand out to you will want them to have it.
  • Take a pen, you will want to make notes on the business cards the PR Reps give you.
  • Mix and Mingle with fellow bloggers, they don’t bite. It takes a village in this industry and it helps to always make new connections.
  • Play with the toys, ask questions! That’s why they are there.
  • Be authentic, if it’s not a good fit for you site then pass on it. Don’t just stop by in hopes of getting something for free.

In a nutshell I really enjoyed Blogger Bash as a whole. Now that I am home it’s time to do the real work and make brand connections and do product reviews. So be sure to stay tuned..because there is a lot more coming from me!

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