Kids Lose Things: Name Bubbles Help Moms Find Them

Name Bubbles will end the constant battle of kids losing things at school, camp or even friends houses. My daughter goes somewhere and freely places her things wherever she chooses, not paying attention to where she left it. She has summer camp in two weeks and thanks to Name Bubbles she won’t be bringing home someone else’s underwear.

name bubbles

Name Bubbles

What are they? 

They are custom labels that you can use to put on, well, everything. You can put them on clothes, lunch boxes, toothbrushes, over night bags and so much more. You can use them for sports equipment, daycare labels and school. The options really are endless.

What I love most is that they began as a small in-home business by a busy mom, and have grown into a full-blown business. They pride themselves in the many personalization options available online and the large variety of styles, icons, and colors to suit any personality. Creating awesome products and delivering the best customer experience is what Name Bubbles aims to do. Oh and they are made in the U.S.A!

The stickers are dishwasher and laundry safe. Meaning they will not come off in the wash.

name bubbles
No more lost and found pile at school with Name Bubbles!


Offering a myriad of products Name Bubbles don’t just make clothing labels.

  • Press and Stick Labels
  • Iron On Labels
  • Medical Alert Labels
  • Write On Labels
  • Bag Tags
  • Wall Decals
  • Wristbands

I would have to say that aside from the press and stick labels the wristbands are my next favorite product for summer months. Tis the season for carnivals, theme parks and fairs. This also means that children wander, and heaven forbid may get separated from you. These bands will can have emergency contact numbers, allergy information and more printed on them.

name bubbles

Camp Life Saver

Summer means sleep-away camps, that also means everything has to be labeled. Thankfully this year I have the Name Bubbles Camp Value pack with over 96 labels! Next week I will be labeling everything from my daughters pool towel to her toothbrush. She will see her name in purple and know to cram it in her suitcase at the end of the week at camp. No more random kids things coming home with her. These labels are also sun block and bug spray resistant!

Save yourself the headache of replacing lost items, and keep track of your kids camp, school and daycare items with Name Bubbles! 

Disclosure: In exchange for a product review I received a free camp pack. No further compensation will be given. 


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