HP Instant Ink: Save Time and Money

HP Instant Ink is the office product you never knew you needed–until today. Have you ever been in the middle of a school project for the kids and run out of ink? We have all been there, and it’s a huge pain. You won’t have this problem anymore with HP Instant Ink.

HP Instant Ink review

As a work at home mom my time is valuable, so I try to minimize the amount of store runs I make and automate my life some. Many items are on auto-order for me from online retailers, so I can pay for it and forget it until it shows up at my house.  What I have found though is you cannot automate office supplies, it’s simply a matter of supply and demand. When the kids are in school our HP 7640 printer gets twice as much use and that’s when I run out of ink the most.

Not to mention after vacation, boy do we go through some ink printing photos for scrapbooks. Wouldn’t it be great if our printer knew when it needed ink BEFORE it ran out in the middle of a print job?

HP’s Instant Ink does just that! Your printer tells HP when you’re low on ink, and HP sends you more before you run out!

HP Instant Ink

How It Works

This program is simple, you have a one time set-up and you are done.

  • You will enroll in one of the three low-cost monthly plans. The cost is based on how many pages you print in a month. The best part is a photo is a page, not a separate category. So no matter if you are printing a report, high gloss photos or cards it all counts as ONE page.
  • When your printer is low it sends a message to HP and more ink is sent to you.  You will also receive a pre-paid envelope to return your empty cartridges, so HP can recycle them.
  • Should you need to print more pages than your monthly plan allows, the cost for extra pages is along the same lines as your monthly fee, you will never see a huge bill. HP will send you an email when you’re nearing your monthly page limit.
  • If you print fewer pages than your monthly plan contains, you can roll those pages over to the next month.

Plans start at just $2.99 per month for up to 50 pages, and you can change your plan at ANY TIME with no fee. You can also cancel at anytime.

HP Instant Ink Review

Does It Work For All HP Printers

Currently, only select new HP printer models are eligible for HP Instant Ink. If you have an older HP printer, it is not compatible with the HP Instant Ink service.

Instant Ink Eligible Printers: 

  • HP Deskjet 2600 Series

  • HP Deskjet 3630 Series

  • HP Deskjet 3720 Series

  • HP Deskjet 3750 Series

  • HP ENVY 4500 Series

  • HP ENVY 4520 Series

  • HP ENVY 5530 Series

  • HP ENVY 5540 Series

  • HP ENVY 5640 Series

  • HP ENVY 5660 Series

  • HP ENVY 7640 Series

  • HP Officejet 3830 Series

  • HP Officejet 4630 Series

  • HP Officejet 4650 Series

  • HP Officejet 5740 Series

  • HP Officejet 6810 Series

  • HP Officejet 6820 Series

  • HP Officejet 8040 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 6830 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 6960 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 6970 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8210 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8620 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8630 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8710 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8720 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8730 Series

  • HP Officejet Pro 8740 Series

hp instant ink review



HP Instant Ink is simple and seamless.  Never run out. Cancel anytime. Adjust as you go.  For a limited time Receive 3 months FREE when you enter PROMO CODE 3MONTHS during enrollment. 

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