Bang Cookies Review: Baked To Order Just Like Mom Makes, Wait No Better Than Moms

Disclosure: I was sent a box of Bang cookies for review, no further compensation will be given. 

Bang Cookies take away the guilt of enjoying fresh from the oven cookies. I don’t mean the calories, those are still there, I mean the ingredients.  These cookies baked with fresh, all natural organic ingredients will take away the guilt of the other guys cookies.

bang cookies
Baked to order and delivered fresh to your door. Bang Cookies are a bang for your buck!

Who is Bang Cookies?

Bang Cookies make giant, all natural, organic gourmet cookies that are hand rolled in small batches. The cookies are so good, you will not want to share with anyone (not even with your kids).

Their cookies have sailed around the globe through the Clipper Race and are adored by Olympic athletes, award-winning musicians, network television sportscasters, celebrity chefs, and Hollywood movie producers. The famous cookies have also been sighted at CBS, The New York Times, American Express, The Hyatt Regency, ToughMudder, Sesame Street, TED, NASA, and the United Nations. These cookies get around, and that’s not a bad thing! 

You can also find them at Farmer’s Markets and food festivals in NY, NJ, and PA. The factory just opened in Jersey City Heights.

The owners will only accept a handful of in-store pick-ups and deliveries a day, so contact them early before they sell out. Seriously, ya’ll there is a waitlist for these cookies, and yes that are that amazing. 

Bang Cookies- Are They Really That Amazing?

I won’t lie I was skeptical about getting cookies in the mail. Would they be crushed, would they be dry, would they generally just suck. Let me just say NO to all of those questions when I got my magical box of Bang Cookies.

Inside my box was a variety of individually wrapped cookies. I was given the 6 classic cookie flavors,  Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk, Macadamia White Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Walnut Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Raisin. Before I could even finish reading all the flavors I went right for the Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk– This cookie changed me, it was that good. I didn’t even bother to warm it in the microwave, I just shoved it in and devoured it. This cookie is everything.

bang cookies
Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk cookies will change your life!

I fully believe the all natural, organic ingredients are what take Bang Cookies to the next level. From organic flour to grass-fed butter you can taste the difference. Non GMO, all natural, all organic goodness wrapped up in one perfect cookie.

The cookies are also baked to order, so no cookie will ever be sitting on a shelf before it is sent your way. From the oven to your front door is the Bang Cookie way. Oh and did I mention shipping is always FREE when you order Bang cookies.

How Do You Get Your Bang Cookies?

You know you want to try this cookie amazingness. Head to their website to place your order and have fresh cookies delivered in a matter of a day or two (depending on the time you order). May I suggest the Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk or the Triple Chocolate Chunk?

My Readers Save 20% off their order with JGCOOKIE20 at check out

Go ahead and order the best cookies you will ever taste, you can thank me later. 

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