Dosh: Get Paid To Travel and More–All With The Click of a Button

Dosh is an all new app that allows you to get paid for doing what you love! Be it travel, shopping or dining out you get cash back on each purchase. I recently tested this app out for myself and was blown away at how easily it pays me back. Take a closer look with me at Dosh.

dosh app
See how much you have saved. Cash out or donate to charity with Dosh.

What is the Dosh App?

Dosh is a cash back app that tracks down offers and applies cash back to your Dosh Wallet. When you shop or eat at a business connected to Dosh, the app will automatically apply the cash back to your wallet. No coupon cutting, no hunting for discount codes, just live your life and let Dosh do the work for you.

My favorite feature is the cash back for travel. You can shop hotels within the app and see who will give you the best return. The Four Seasons in Baltimore offered me $34 back per night! I see a luxury weekend in my future.

Dosh even works with online shopping, my favorite past-time. Don’t leave your money in their pockets, put it back in yours only with Dosh.

dosh app

Peace of Mind with Privacy and Security

Your Dosh app is VERY secure. Dosh will never store your username, password, credit card data, or bank account information in your app or on our servers. All purchase transactions you make using Dosh are encrypted. This means your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and any personal data won’t be stored in your phone, so you don’t have to worry about it if you lose your device. As an added precaution, we strongly suggest validating your email so there is an additional way for us to contact you about your Dosh activity.

dosh app

Refer a Friend Earn $5!

Another way to add cash to your Dosh account is by referrals. Each time someone signs up via your link, boom $5 added to account. This offer ends May 31, so start inviting friends to use Dosh sooner than later.

dosh app

How do I get Dosh?

Now that I have given you the information it’s time to get the app. Apple and Android users can both use Dosh, so there is no reason not to download and start using Dosh today.

Apple Store Download

Google Play Download 

Are you ready to get paid to do what you love? If so download Dosh today and start seeing cash back in an instant! 

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