Tangled: The Series Craft and Recipe Ideas

Tangled: The Series premieres this week on Disney Channel, and I know Rapunzel fans are excited. I have found ten Tangled inspired ideas to celebrate the new show. Channel your inner Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel, and bring some Tangled magic into your house this weekend.

Tangled Crafts and Recipes

1. The DIY Princess Tower @ Mommy  Scene is super cute.  I love how easy this is, and you probably have the supplies at home already.

2. A Rapunzel Hair Tutorial @ A Thousand Phases is a must have when talking about Rapunzel!  What little girl wouldn’t want to DIY her own long locks to watch Tangled: The Series?

3. A Rapunzel Tower made out of donuts–absolutely!  We love this easy idea on Pinterest. What kid wouldn’t want a tower of donuts?

4. Everyone loves cupcakes. The purple in these Hydrangea Cupcakes is perfect for a Tangled themed party.

5. Speaking of cupcakes, check out this easy idea from Disney Family, to keep all your cupcake decorating supplies handy while you watch Tangled.  Cupcakes are so easy to customize, and it’ll keep the kids busy for the afternoon.

6. These gorgeous Rapunzel Lanterns @ Designs by Miss Mandee are a must do to prep for watching Tangled. Download her file and have them ready in no time.


7. The Frying Pan Oreos @ Sippy Cup Mom are so easy to make, and a hit for kids and adults alike.

8. DIY Tangled Minnie Ears @ Disney Style  are super cute and very easy to make.  Make these to watch Tangled: The Series, and then make sure you pack them for your next Disney trip.


9. I love these Purple Ombre Mini Cakes @ Glorious Treats.  They look fancy, and are the perfect size to snack on while watching the all new show.

10. Rapunzel in the Tower Bookmarks @ Domestic Goddesque are something every kid in your family will love.  Plus, they are great for that bedtime story after watching Tangled: The Series.


Be sure not to miss Tangled: The Series premiering on the Disney Channel March 24! Are you Team Rapunzel or Flynn Ryder? 



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Carrie is a crafty mom of 3 from Ohio. She loves Disney and Travel. Her mission is to find JOY in every situation and share it. Her definition of "crafting" is hot glue and a Silhouette Cameo.

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