Meet the Hyundai Ioniq: The New Girl In Town Turning Heads

The Hyundai Ioniq will change the way you look at a hybrid or electric vehicle. It has a sleek design that is unrivaled in the green car market. Not to mention a price point that is perfect for a all consumers. Take a look with me at the new girl in town–Hyundai Ioniq.

hyundai ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq: One Car. Three Choices

The Hyundai Ioniq is hitting the market and will be turning heads in no time. Currently, you can purchase the Hybrid model; the plug-in and hybrid plug-in models are coming soon. Did you catch that–three different choices in the same car. This is the car you want to take a look at if you are in the market for an EV. Hyundai’s exclusive Blue-Drive technology allows for lower pollution and higher performance.

When you think of a hybrid you think of a small boxy car with little to no power. Take that idea and throw it out the window with the Ioniq.

Let me be honest–before last weekend I had never driven a hybrid vehicle. I had been in them at auto shows, but never really saw one I “had to” drive. I thought a girl living in the country has no need for a hybrid vehicle, my SUV suits me just fine.

hyundai ioniq

Five Things I Love about Ioniq

Sleek Exterior Design: The Ioniq is the first aerodynamic EV on the market. Its efficient shape was designed to manage airflow with several active and passive aerodynamic features. Its active aero front grille, wheel air curtains, rear spoiler and smooth underbody cover, all combine to deliver a 0.24 coefficient of drag. In sport mode the electric was quick–who knew an electric car had so much giddy up.

hyundai ioniq

Compact Battery: The 12V battery is the first compact of its kind and fits under the rear seat. No more huge battery taking up your cargo space.  Speaking of the battery. Hyundai is offering a LIFETIME warranty on the Ioniq battery. That’s a fantastic perk.

Spacious Interior: Most green cars aren’t known for having a lot of space. The Ioniq has a generous amount of space in both the front and back seat as well as the trunk. The front seat really stood out for me personally because there is an ample amount of room for passengers and their bags without feeling like you are sitting on top of one another.

hyundai ioniq

Multimedia Experience: Keeping up with the times is important when it comes to car functionality. You need to be plugged in–so to speak. Offering apple car play, android radio, a 7 in display screen, blue tooth and Sirius XM radio the Ioniq is on top of the needs of consumers.

hyundai ioniq

Top Safety Features: Safety and reliability are often at the top of a car buyers list. The Ioniq offers many safety features including 7 air bags, hill start assist and rear view camera in the base model. You can also purchase models offering rear parking sensors, smart cruise control and lane departure warnings.

One Thing I Don’t Love

Overall I really loved the Ioniq, with that said I hated the rear window. The spoiler that is added for aerodynamic functions and less wind resistance cuts the window in the middle. I wasn’t sure if I need to look above or below the spoiler. Some may not see issue with this at all, but I personally really hated it to be honest. This may seem trivial but it is the one issue I kept going back to.

In a Nutshell

The Hyundai Ioniq is going to be a game changer in the green car market with its low $22,100 base price point in the Hybrid model. With the Ioniq blue getting EPA-estimated 57/59/58 mpg city/highway/combined commuters will fall in love.  That is unheard of in the market today. The sleek exterior and stylish interior will please the ladies in the market for a new vehicle and the aerodynamics will give the guys a little more get up and go.

I cannot wait to get more time behind the wheel and see what the Ioniq can really do–two hours in the mountains of California in not so optimal conditions don’t allow for a great vantage point.








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