5 Reasons to See The Lego Batman Movie

Every great movie must start with a black screen, well at least The LEGO Batman Movie should. From literally the first word out of Batman’s mouth, until the end credits you are laughing. I thought this one would be funny, and underestimated just how funny. Here are my five reasons to see this film in theaters; February 10.

the lego batman movie

The LEGO Batman Movie

Five Reasons To See The LEGO Batman Movie

1. Family Friendly: Many of the newer Batman films are full of violence and crude language that alienates the younger crowd. The LEGO Batman movie is fun for the entire family, I even saw kids as young as two in the audience watching. While some of the humor is for the entire family, they reserved a few one liners just for the parents.

Robin: My name is Richard Grayson. The other kids call me Dick.    Batman: Well, children can be cruel.

2. It’s all about Batman: There is a subtle story line with a happy ending but Batman steals this show with his one liners and off-handed remarks. This is the guy from The LEGO movie but in all his selfish Batman glory.

                   Batman/Bruce Wayne: I saved the world again today. It was off the chain.

           3. If you love all things pop culture you will LOVE LEGO Batman. This movie has Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman and a few other witty characters thrown in- ahem- Voldemort. This film is the funniest caped crusader movie, and yes I know they are cartoon LEGO figures, just trust me on this.

           4. Forget about The LEGO Movie, these are two very different movies. Everything is less than awesome for Batman but he finally figures it out. Oh and no Wyldstyle for a girlfriend, he has eyes for Babs.

5. Kid Approved: I went with a group of 10 kids! Yes 10 kids in the movies ranging from ages 3-17 and they all loved it. The jokes weren’t over their heads and it was non stop action the entire film. As you know if a movie slows down you start to lose the kids.


While this probably won’t be nominated for Best Picture–it’s a fun way to let out the giggles and enjoy a family day at the movies. Head out to see The LEGO Batman Movie in theaters NOW!


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