Volcano Bay Water Theme Park opens May 25 at Universal Orlando Resort

Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort will be a water theme park like none before it. It is opening on May 25 and will surely make many Universal Moments for guests to this all new park.

volcano bay

Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort is setting the bar high for an all new water theme park experience. The third park to open at the resort will be nothing like others in the business of water parks. This will be an innovative and immersive experience filled with incredible thrills and perfected relaxation. I will be there for the opening events and cannot wait to see this amazing new addition to Universal Orlando Resort.

Volcano Bay Water Theme Park

Volcano Bay will span 30 fully immersive acres and feature a variety of experiences that range from daring to serene. Dozens of unique attractions will offer something for everyone, including a multi-directional wave pool with sandy beaches, a peaceful winding river, twisting multi-rider raft rides, speeding body slides that drop from the top of the volcano into the waters below and so much more. The best part is;  guests won’t have to wait in long lines to enjoy any of it.

TapuTapu Wearable Will Redefine the Queue Experience 

Universal’s Volcano Bay will debut a new technology, the TapuTapu wearable, designed to make the guest experience throughout the entire park as hassle-free and fun-filled as possible. As part of their admission, guests will receive a TapuTapu wearable upon arrival to the park that allows them to do the following with a simple tap:

  • Virtual Lines: Guests will be able to virtually wait in line while they play in other areas of the park. The wearable will alert guests when it’s time for them to ride so they can head to the attraction.
  • Tap to Play: Guests will discover various “tap-to-play” experiences throughout the park – all designed exclusively for Volcano Bay by Universal’s award-winning creative team. With just a tap of TapuTapu, guests can trigger special effects like controlling streams of water spurting from whales in Tot Tiki Reef, shooting water cannons at guests snaking down Kopiko Wai Winding River and illuminating images in the volcano’s hidden caves.

Krakatau Aqua Coaster – Volcano Bay’s State-of-the-Art Marquee Attraction

Krakatau Aqua Coaster will be the star experience at Universal’s Volcano Bay  combining innovative ride technology with water theme park thrills to take families on an unforgettable adventure through the park’s massive icon; the 200-foot Krakatau volcano.

volcano bay

Guests will board specially-designed canoes and propel downwards and upwards through the volcano’s interior peaks and valleys. They’ll twist, turn and plummet along dark passageways, be launched through sparkling waterfalls and so much more.

Universal is using some of the incredible technology that makes its theme park attractions so compelling to create a first-of-its-kind aqua coaster in Florida. The attraction will use linear induction motor technology, which launches the canoe uphill before it immediately sends riders into a downhill plunge. This technology combined with the immersive theming Universal is known for – will make Krakatau Aqua Coaster a unique water theme park attraction that’s fun for the entire family.

You can purchase tickets NOW for this one of a kind water theme park experience. As we await final details of this park I think it is time to plan another Universal vacation.

Which all new attraction are you excited to ride at Volcano Bay?

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