Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed offers Family Fun and Learning

Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed brings prehistoric learning and fun to a town near you this year. Kids will get up close with a Velociraptor, Stegosaurus and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex to name a few.

discover the dinosaurs

Coming to a town near you is an event of prehistoric proportions; Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed. You will venture back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and learn what each of these creatures was about. As kids explore the dinosaurs; they can take the Junior Paleontologist test during their exploration and receive a fun prize at the end. Last weekend we ventured to the Baltimore event and had an absolute blast at Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed.

Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed

Experience the Dinosaurs

Once you enter the exhibit you will travel through the Mesozoic Era and learn about the dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. This is a walk through exhibit; there is no rush to visit each dinosaur and learn about each species. We especially loved that each dinosaur was listed by name and had a fact sheet about it. My nephew was soaking up all of the details about these guys.

Come face to face with T-Rex. You can find the not so gentle giant multiple times a day to learn, touch, and get a photo with this prehistoric giant. If your little ones are too scared of T-Rex; you can ride a dino; these animatronic creatures move and breathe like real life dinosaurs.


Dig For Fossils

Enter the Valley of the Bones and uncover the fossils buried beneath.  For a small fee; you can purchase a bag of mining rough and step up to the sluice and shake it out. Sifting through the running water will reveal fossils that you can take home. Don’t leave without your dinosaur etching.

discover the dinosaurs

Play and Create

With inflatables, face painting and crafts you can spend hours playing in the Kids Fun Zone. My kids had a blast on the four enormous inflatables and there was even a tiny Dino Den for the one year old in our family.

For only $10 you can purchase a souvenir t-shirt and decorate it with stencils and markers. The kids spent almost 40 minutes creating their designs.  Don’t leave without taking a spin on the Dino Raceway! Kids will race one another in jeeps and see who can cross the finish first.


Ticket Options

The event offers two different tickets, a general admission ticket and the T-Rex ticket. No matter which ticket you purchase I suggest buying them online and save time waiting in line at the door, as this is a hugely popular event.

The T-Rex ticket is an All-Inclusive ticket for children only. 

• 1 Child Admission Ticket

• 1 Face Paint

• 1 Souvenir Green Screen Photo

• 1 Fossil Panning Experience

• 1 Make-n-Take T-shirt

• 1 Souvenir Backpack

• 1 pair of socks for inflatables


Discover the Dinosaurs was a really fun event and we spent over three hours exploring and playing. Click here to find an event coming to your area. 

Be sure to share your photos online with Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed during your visit.



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