Thank You Twitter for NORMNB8S

I never get too personal on my blog, it’s my business, but so is Disney. With that said, my Disney Ohana lost a huge part of it over Christmas. As many reading this probably know Alan was laid to rest today leaving behind a beloved wife, daughter and family. As my blog and social media has grown I haven’t had time for much Disney chat with my friends like I used to, but I always made time for Alan and I am so glad I did.

Four years ago in November, I signed up for twitter and had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t know what a DM was or the 140 character limit. I certainly didn’t know there was this entire world on twitter dedicated to Disney Fans like myself. Lo and Behold Alan and I connected via Jambo Everyone (Thanks Mike and Dave). He not only became my friend but also a client. When he would run out of DVC points to use he would call me (always at the last-minute) to extend his trip or go down a day early. And it was never a quick conversation on the phone, he wanted to know how my girls were and how MD was or the next Disney trip I had planned. Alan cared about every single person he ever came in contact with no matter how large or small a part of their life he was.

Alan was the nicest guy you will ever meet, he was warm and genuine and really appreciated everyone. I will miss quoting Friends and swapping Cheerwine recipes (add whipped vodka, it’s Alan approved). This all seems very surreal and I am sure more so for his closest friends Matt, Keith and Sean.

In early December I thought he quit twitter and I missed saying goodbye, I am so glad he didn’t because I was able to talk to him before Christmas. And of course trade some Friends gif’s as we did. He was so excited to celebrate Christmas with Grace, and now that little girl will never know just how amazing her Daddy was or how much he adored her.

If you never knew him you only need to read these tweets to know that he was a genuinely amazing person, and my life will forever have a void without Alan around.

He recently contemplated changing his avatar on twitter, I’m actually glad he never did because I always knew exactly who it was. We now have a forever Ghost Host in Disney..

Rest easy Alan, we know GOD has bigger plans for you in Heaven while we may not understand them here on earth.

It’s amazing how people on twitter, who I’ve never met, can become such amazing friends whose place in my life is priceless to me.

Dec 20

So thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of yours. You’re all amazing!

Good morning, my beautiful friends. Last work day. Tell someone today that you appreciate them. I appreciate you.

I do believe that your entire Disney Family agrees with this last one Alan, we will miss you on the podcast and our friendly chats each week

Life is so fucked up sometimes.

We have at least come together for good to send Grace to college (maybe she will do the DCP as well!!) because Ohana means family…

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