Shark Rocket Complete With DUOCLEAN Is Not Your Moms Vacuum

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When the Shark Rocket appeared on my doorstep this week I was thrilled. I am sure you are thinking, who the heck gets excited over a vacuum? I do, I get excited over the idea of clean floors. With two kids, two dogs, one husband and rural country living we NEED a good vacuum all the time. In almost 10 years of marriage and home ownership we have owned four vacuums so far. They never have enough power or suction for the dirt this family drags in. It seems we found a winner with the Shark Rocket!

shark rocket

Shark Rocket Complete with DUOCLEAN Technology Review

What makes this vacuum so much different from the rest? Let’s take a look and maybe you will be searching Best Buy for some great deals this week.

shark rocket

Compact Size with Optimum Accessories

Nobody wants to carry a big bulky vacuum up and down the stairs, it just isn’t practical. The Shark brand of vacuum has always been a lightweight bag less product, a big selling point for me. There are other brands that say they are light weight but they aren’t, not the way the Shark Rocket is. Weighing in at only 10 lbs the Shark Rocket is great for anyone to use, even the kids can pitch in.

As I took the Rocket out of the box I was amazed that the core of the vacuum is three parts, the motorized floor brush, the wand and the handheld vacuum itself. No wonder it is so light. In five minutes I had the vacuum put together and ready to go. Every girl loves accessories am I right? The standard Shark Rocket comes with a 12″ crevice tool, dusting brush & upholstery tool. I was given the true pet system and that comes with an under appliance wand and the true pet mini motorized brush . I don’t know who tipped them off that the dog hair is my enemy, but thank you!

The true pet mini brush is the ultimate weapon against embedded dander and clinging pet hair. With an asthmatic in our home getting all that dander up is a priority to me, you wont miss a bit of it with this system. I put my daughter to work on our Puggle’s favorite chair and she had it clean within 10 minutes.

shark rocket

DUOCLEAN Technology

Don’t you hate when you vacuum only to still find particles on the floor?

The DUOCLEAN Technology is what gets your floors and furniture back to its former luster and shine. This one vacuum offers two separate brush rolls for the ultimate in clean. With Triple Particle Cleaning, there’s no need to rely on dust mops and brooms to get the dirt left behind.  The soft brush roll works on floors to pull up large, small and stuck particles. On the carpet it will pick up large particles and high piles.  The bristle brush roll will work on floors and accelerates large, small and stuck-on particles into high-velocity suction channel. And with the carpet it gets the fine embedded particles. You will choose the setting you want to use and that will work the appropriate rollers. Setting (I) is for floors and more gentle areas and (II) is for those nasty carpets.

The two-part DUOCLEAN system is a winner in my book. I would show you the canister but then you would judge me on how dirty my carpet is, so you can take my word for it.


shark rocket

Maximum Versatility

Do you have an arsenal of vacuums? A dust mop, a dust buster, a high-powered one, a mini car one–the list goes on. With the Shark Rocket you can clean anywhere with all of the versatile tools and options. Disconnect the vacuum base and attach the duster attachment to wand for ceiling fans or pop on the under appliance wand to get those tough spots. From floors, to drapes and anything in between you can use the Shark Rocket.

You can detach the base from the main wand and it becomes a hand vac. Great for those quick messes you need to clean up before your Mom comes to visit.

shark rocket


  • Cleans both hardwood and carpet, has setting for each
  • DEEP cleaning DUOCLEAN Technology
  • 30 foot power cord
  • 600 W motor (lots of power for a little vacuum)
  • swivel steering and self guiding
  • wall mount attachment for easy storage
  • Filter can be washed and re-used



  • The base is a little bulky, and may be heavy for some
  • Price may cause a little sticker shock
  • Needs to be propped up if not on wall mount or will tip over

In a Nutshell

The Shark Rocket with DUOCLEAN Technology is a powerful vacuum with tons of versatility. If you are tired of your floors being semi-clean or the pet hair barely coming up this is the vacuum for you. I loved how quiet it was for the size of the motor, barely a hum and the kids didn’t have to turn up the television as they watched me go by. The swivel on the Shark is fantastic, get it all the little strange spots with swivel steering. The winning component for me is the No Loss of Suction from the Shark brand of vacuums, nothing is more fun than being in the middle of the to do list and having to figure out why the vacuum wont pick anything up. The Shark Rocket is a great investment and will last your family through all the pets, spilled cheerio’s and glitter school projects.

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