HP Instant Ink- A Teachers Best Friend

HP Instant Ink will save our children’s teachers both time and money. Our teachers work hard and deserve to not have to spend their hard-earned money on supplies. I know that my girls teachers put 100% back into the classroom, and they deserve more. This service as well as My Printly are great for the classroom; and giving our teachers the help they deserve.

What is HP Instant Ink

The HP Instant Ink Program is a monthly subscription service that provides you with colored copies printed right from your home printer, when you need it.  No more driving to an office supply store to make your copies. Or spending up to $1.00 per copy depending on your needs.

The program will send you fresh ink cartridges as you need them, BEFORE you run out of it.  They will keep track of when your ink is getting low (through your internet connection) and mail out new cartridges right away. I use this in my home office and absolutely LOVE it. I no longer have to run out when my cartridge is low; it magically appears on my doorstep.

Here is a quick peek at how HP Instant Ink works:

How does HP Instant Ink Work? 

It is quite simple really.

1.  Purchase an eligible HP printer.  I have the HP Envy 5540 and LOVE it.  Nothing fancy, perfect for my home office and the kid’s school projects. If you already own an HP printer, you can check to see if it is eligible when you sign up and skip this part of the process all together.  You can find the HP printers at and big box electronics or office supply stores

2.  Decide on a printing plan that will meet your needs.  The program offers 3 subscription options:
hp instant ink
Being a work at home business owner I do have the frequent plan, it’s worth every penny.
3.  Once you decide on a plan and sign up, your ink will be mailed to you.  When you purchase the printer, it will come with some starter ink, so you can get started right away, but your actual subscription will begin when you install the ink that is sent to you.  The cartridges will last, even the color has a long life span.
4.  When your ink begins to get low, your printer will indicate to HP that they need to send you more.  That way, you won’t run out of ink in the middle of your work.
We know our teachers deserve the best and that is why HP Instant Ink is a great deal for them, you could even go in as a class and pay for a subscription! Give back and help our teachers save time and money with My Printly and HP Instant Ink.
Will you be sharing HP Instant Ink with a teacher this year?


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