How Telemedicine Can Help When You Travel

Telemedicine is a new technology, in a nutshell it is a virtual doctor. With the help of LiveHealth Online you can access a doctor 24/7 for simple ailments. As with anything you should always call 911 in a true medical emergency. Telemedicine is great for those vacation days when you just don’t feel so great and probably need a script but don’t want to sit in the urgent care facility. Or worse, if you fall ill in an island destination and there is no real care and a doctor is thousands of dollars.

As a mom one of my biggest fears is getting sick on vacation, but it can’t be helped. We have weathered pinkeye, sinus infections and even the flu. Unfortunately we have had to sit in over crowded urgent care facilities to be seen and waste vacation time when all we really needed was antibiotics.


Telemedicine Facts

  • More than half of all United States hospitals now use some form of telemedicine, according to the American Telemedicine Association
  • Among a survey of EmpowerHER readers 64% of moms said that having on demand health care is more important to them than video streaming or grocery delivery
  • Over 82% of Moms say they are the most “health-tech” savvy in their family
  • In 2011, the Veterans Health Administration provided over 300,000 remote consultations via telemedicine. Considering that hospitals work constantly to reduce patient exposure to such pathogens as MRSA, avoiding unnecessary in-person visits can cut down on the transmission of new illnesses

Does telemedicine take my insurance? 

Thirty states and the District of Columbia require private insurers to cover telemedicine the same as traditional in-person services, according to the American Telemedicine Association. Contact your benefits manager to find out if your health plan covers telemedicine. You can also log-in to LiveHealth Online and see if your insurance is listed.

Where can I locate Telemedicine?

There are several telemedicine options on the market. One promising option for patients is LiveHealth Online. It allows you to have face-to-face conversations with a board-certified doctor of your choice on your computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime, yes even on vacation!

If you need medical advice, you can get it the moment you need it. There’s no waiting at the urgent care center on vacation, and LiveHealth Online may cost close to the same as an urgent care visit.

To use LiveHealth Online, simply sign up and enter your insurance information in case it is a covered benefit. The cost of an online doctor visit is typically $49 if you do not have insurance or the service isn’t covered by your insurance.



Once you are logged in you will see a list of doctors and you can choose the best fit for your needs. A doctor on LiveHealth Online can help with a variety of health issues including colds, allergies, rashes, flu, diarrhea, sinus infections, pinkeye and urinary tract infections.

If you think telemedicine would be a good fit for you or someone else you know, learn more here.

Next time you travel be sure to remember to use LiveHealth Online should you need medical care that doesn’t require a visit to the doctor. 

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