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The Care Bears want to invite you to their #shareyourcare party on July 8 at 1 p.m. (EST) Join the Care Bears and learn about this years Share Your Care Kid Ambassador Jessica. She founded We Care Bears Project; Providing instant comfort to kids in unbearable situation.

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A Letter from Jessica: 

My name is Jessica and I started the We Care Bears Project.  You can read all about what is happening with my project now on my BLOG.  But let me tell you how it all started….

One day I was cleaning out my stuffed animals and a lot of them were almost new, many still had the tags on them.  The fire department comes into contact with children at fires, auto accidents or EMT calls.  The kids they meet are often scared.  I thought kids would be less scared if they fireman had a stuffed animal to give the kids.  The fireman didn’t have any stuffed animals and they were happy I donated mine.

I am only one girl and I took all of my animals to the fire department but I know the police department also come into contact with kids who are scared so I made a plan.

I talked to the principal at my school, Dr. Newman, and asked him if I could ask the whole school to donate stuffed animals.  Then maybe we could have enough stuffed animals to put some in the trunk of all the police cars at our local Sheriff’s station AND in the fire trucks and ambulance.  Dr. Newman thought it was a good idea and that maybe if I presented it to the Monterey Ridge Elementary School Student Council they could help me with the project.

I talked to the Sheriff’s office and they have 6 cars, plus the fire station vehicles.  So my goal was to get stuffed animals in every vehicle and boy did we!!

With the help from kids all over the country we have donated about 3,000 bags of stuffed animals to first responders and other organizations that work with kids in unbearable situations all across the US.

For health and safety reason we can only accept new stuffed animals with tags attached. Bear Drive Kits allow your organization to quickly and easily have a bear drive for your local first responders or simply Ship The Caring and have 4 bags of stuffed animals shipped directly to the door of the organization of your choice. 


We’d also love to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Lloyd the Lemon Lumberjack!  Lloyd and his friends make letter-learning fun in the educational app Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill. It’s available now for FREE on iOS and in the coming soon to Google Play, too.  Check it out and share with the world! We think your kids are gonna love it!

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Be sure to join us @carebears by using #ShareYourCare. We’ll talk about all things Care Bears and give you a chance to win fabulous prizes! No RSVP necessary just join us for fun.


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