To Walt Disney World and Beyond…

It’s time to head off to Disney World and beyond for a week!!  When I say beyond I mean the places beyond the Mickey ears. Yes they do exist and they are tons of fun.

Disney World

Tomorrow when I touch down in Orlando I will have a brand new 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander waiting for me. I drive an old mini-van ya’ll; can I tell you how much I love working with DriveShop USA and doing car reviews. Just a little slice of heaven for a few days with no cereal in the back seat or stains in the carpet. Ahh, I can smell you now new car smell already.

For the first two nights in Orlando I will be hosted at the gorgeous Reunion Resort in Kissimmee just outside the gates of Disney World. Many people shudder at the idea of being off-site in Orlando (meaning not at a resort hotel). I enjoy it honestly, it allows you more time to explore and see what Orlando has to offer its guests.

Monday is a crazy day! I am touring three hotels and then off to a media event with TravelingMom and Disney. I don’t think I can fit much more into Monday if I tried. Oh yeah and I will be closing down Magic Kingdom that night after all the other events. Glad I get to sleep in on Tuesday.

Tuesday it’s time to bid our villa at Reunion Resort goodbye and check into Loews Portofino Bay hotel at Universal Orlando. I will be at Universal for the rest of the week hosted by Universal and doing and seeing ALL that the resort offers.

Talk about a whirlwind week ya’ll, and that’s just a snapshot.

So what I am saying here is you need to follow me on social media this week! I will be live streaming, sharing photos and taking requests from you on what to do, see and ride!

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