Is Easter the new Christmas?

Has Easter become the Spring Christmas? When did Easter become so commercialized?

Easter in my family has always been celebrating at church followed by brunch, and small baskets for kids. Easter is a big deal in the Christian faith, and it’s a very personal holiday. Jesus sacrificed for us, then rose again. I mean who would die for you? We take it pretty serious.

In the week leading up to Easter I saw kids at three or four egg hunts. What are they hunting for, gold? Let’s talk about egg hunts for a minute. How did they come about? Was there a chicken on Calvary laying eggs? How did we get to eggs, and hunting them, and dying them. It’s this whole big thing with eggs. To me, it is yet another way for me to create pintrest fails. Crafting is not my thing. My kids are lucky if I remember the dollar store egg dye kit, that’s how much I hate this messy ridiculous “tradition”. Eggs are new life, so I can kinda see how they came to be.



Also, the bunny, where did he come from? Honestly I have yet to see an Easter Bunny that didn’t scare me. It’s just not a good costume. Yet another fake thing people lie to kids about so their dreams will be crushed by a kid on the playground one day.  Yes kids, No Santa, No Bunny, No Tooth Fairy.

This is how nightmares are made! Scariest thing ever.
This is how nightmares are made! Scariest thing ever.

I took a break from social media for Easter. I figured if Jesus can die for me, I can focus on him and the meaning behind the holiday not social media. I got on Facebook late last night and really thought it was Christmas morning. Kids were getting bikes, scooters, surprise Disney trips. What the What?

What happened to a little basket with some candy and maybe a chapstick in it? My kids got a small basket filled with a little candy and small items. Nothing big here. I probably spent $25 on each kid if that.

You guys, grown adults were getting baskets filled with booze and cigarettes. REALLY! What on earth has happened here? Somewhere along the way Easter went from the celebration of Jesus Resurrection to a full on second Christmas with huge meals, gifts for all the kids in the family, and egg hunts with money and more.

I hate how commercialized Christmas has become, and now it really disappoints me to see Easter going in the same direction.

I try to understand how Christian holidays have come to be so exploited, yet others have not?

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