Kick Rocks Depression: Mama got new Meds

I have openly discussed my struggle with depression and anxiety with my readers. I am certainly not ashamed to share my history. It is not a sign of weakness when you reach out for help, it’s a sign of strength.

This year my husbands travel schedule has gone through the roof. In the first (not even over) three months of 2016 he has been on the road 60% of the time. You guys, this is NUTS! Seriously I am doing all the work here at home, and I am run down. But that’s ok because he has a job, and this is the season we are in right now in life.  However, its toll on my mental state is not ok.


I found myself being sucked into a low, big time. I was eating everything in sight, not getting dressed or  even out of bed until just before the kids got home. Not acceptable, I will not let depression steal my joy. It was time to call the doctors and get my medicine adjusted.

That’s the thing about depression, it’s with you always and you have to maintain it. It’s like a car, once you get on the road things happen and you have to repair yourself. It’s ok to get a tune up now and then. It was time for a tune up.

After a good chat with my doctor and the addition of wellbutrin to my lexapro regiment I was on my way. You have to recognize when your depression is getting the best of you and go after it.  Depression will try to defeat you, and you have to defeat it!

It’s been a week since I changed meds and no LOWS! Take that depression, you don’t get to steal my life.

Whether depression is a part of you permanently or for a season (such as post-partum) don’t let it steal your joy and your life. You have a lot of life to live.


Here are my other posts, if you want to know more about my struggle.

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