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So, you didn’t make the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel? Keep it classy please

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the Disney Parks Mom’s Panelist are chosen and you see people’s true colors. Yes, I am going to go there as nicely as I can..

First and foremost, let me say that I have never applied for the panel. This is not because I don’t love Disney, it’s merely because watching it unfold on social media alone gives me anxiety, I can’t imagine if I were applying. For those that don’t know what I am talking about, the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel is a fantastic group of Mom’s (and a few Dad’s) that help guests with questions on-line and through video so they can plan the perfect Disney vacation.


It’s a wonderful social media tool and I have friends that work very hard on current panels. I feel many people think the Mom’s Panel is some free ride to the parks and you get you answer a few questions here and there. Let me tell you, NOT TRUE. The panelists work hard year round with a special team from Disney to make this a top program. You may think that you are a Disney Parks Expert (or Cruise) but Disney will be the deciding factor in that. With 3 very difficult rounds including interviews, videos and more this isn’t just another ambassador program. As with all things Disney produces they strive to have the very best working with them. Did someone say, spellcheck?

Disney-Moms-Panel-Cowardly-Lion-MemeFor those that apply and don’t make it, yet handle yourselves with class and others with respect I applaud you. This may not have been your year, keep trying! I know panelists that took 4 years to get chosen! Never give up on your dream, Walt would have never wanted it that way.


In the past 24 hours since the finalists for 2015 were announced I have seen some not so Disney-like behavior from folks. If you were an applicant and your bashing those who made the panel, I am thinking you won’t make it past Round 1 next year. Remember they have all of your social media channels, and I am sure they see it just as I did. This is not a fixed panel, there are no favorites, this is a hard process and only the best are chosen. I assure you that the team behind the Mom’s Panel hates turning down applicants.

Don’t be that catty person just because you weren’t picked for the Homecoming Court. Hold your head up and congratulate those who did get chosen. Funny how most people don’t really show their true colors until something doesn’t go the way they want it to, then all bets are off. Since we are on the subject, the same exact things can be said for Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference.

Keep it Classy Ya’ll, Buzz and Woody are onto you.


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