2016 KIA Sorento SXL AWD Review

Thank you Drive Shop for the KIA, we loved it.

Last week we vacationed in Orlando, since we were going to be visiting a ton of parks we needed a car to navigate our way around the vacation capital of the world. (Thanks again Drive Shop) We had a 2016 KIA Sorento SXL AWD, for this family of older car owners this was a treat! The best part about this trip is that I received feedback from everyone in my family about this car, overall we voted two thumbs up. I won’t lie, we are actually seriously thinking about getting one. Between the ample space, the sleek look and the AWD it’s exactly what we need.


When we picked the car up at the airport we had to laugh because we couldn’t seem to find the keys. Silly us the Kia Sorento doesn’t have a key, so to speak. It has a push to start and key fob. So long as the key fob is in the car you can start the car. Use the fob to unlock the vehicle and then put it away, it’s that easy. So how to start the KIA Sorento you ask? It’s easy, put your foot on the brake and, simply push the button to start the engine. While the KIA Sorento may not have a traditional key you still need the key fob in the car for it to start (purse, pocket, glove box).


Now that we have the car actually started it was time to hit the road for our resort, the KIA Sorento has an amazing navigation system. Having never driven in Orlando before we never got lost or wasted time as the navigation system takes you the shortest route possible from your starting point. No more messing with phone apps and paper printouts of directions, the KIA Sorento makes it easy to navigate anywhere with a large 8 inch diplay. Along with a navigation system the Sorento also comes with Sirius XM radio, Bluetooth wireless and infinity surround sound audio. You could spend an hour in the front seat just playing with all the buttons and controls to set it perfectly to your driving preferences.


Safety is a priority with KIA and the back up camera with a surrounding view monitor was the best when parking! Those theme park lots can be crazy, with out of town drivers everywhere. This feature made sure we knew who or what was around us at all times. One of my favorite features was the blind spot detection system, if someone is in your blind spot an orange light comes on in the side mirrors and an alert tone goes off. Safety first before changing lanes!

It’s hot in Orlando even in October, not when you are riding in the Sorento! My hubby turned on the air conditioner and all of the sudden there was cool air on my bum! Yes you heard me ventilated front seats. This option would be my particular favorite if I had this car in Maryland, only the opposite, in the winter it would keep me warm and toasty. If you don’t want to turn on the AC, open the full sized sunroof! By full-size I mean it opens from the front seat to the back seat, it’s not just a little square. The kids got a kick out of this, actually my husband did as well.


Power up! My teen daughters favorite part of the car was the ample amount of power for her phone, I-pad and whatever else she could plug in. With rapid charge USB ports and AUX input she was in heaven. Bonus for Mom and Dad, she wasn’t bothering those of us in the front seat for a power cord. Ya’ll know these kids will die without their electronics. Whoever added this feature to the KIA Sorento is clearly a parent of teens.


Space, Space and more Space. We are only a family of four, however my teen is almost 6ft tall. We need a car with room, she can’t cramp into a tiny backseat. All of the space was by far the best part of the KIA Sorento for our family. The large backseat allowed my oldest to fit comfortably and not feel like she was sitting on top of her little sister. With my youngest still in a booster seat the back seat can get crowded pretty quickly at times. The KIA Sorento seats 5 without the center console pulled down in the back. Just look at all the legroom (and that is with the drivers seat back as well).


I can’t leave out the trunk space! With 4 suitcases and carry-ons we still had plenty of room in the trunk. Not to mention you can put down the back seats for more room. You can fit a big haul in the KIA Sorento, that makes me a happy Momma.



Everyone in my family unanimously voted that we LOVED the KIA Sorento. With it’s great safety features and sleek look Mom and Dad were sold on it, and with the ample space and power the kids loved it. Of course those aren’t the only reasons, but those were the top votes from my family on the KIA Sorento. If you don’t believe me head out and test drive one for yourself at your local KIA dealer.

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