Wizarding World of Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice Recipe

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter version of Pumpkin Juice is a sweet, non-alcoholic drink, you can taste cinnamon, ginger, and other spices.  It also has “stuff” that collects on the bottom of the bottle that you must shake to mix.  Most pumpkin juice recipes also called for a juicer — to juice the pumpkin chunks.  You can also use a cheesecloth to force out the juice, but that’s just painstakingly messy and hard.  Borrow a friend’s juicer or find one on eBay/Craigslist — you’ll be glad you did.


I searched and searched for pumpkin juice recipes that met this criteria and found two.

I found this one on Bella Online.  I liked this one because it uses pumpkin puree, instead of having to juice pumpkin chunks.  I also really like how this one uses actual spices — cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, and whole cloves.  There’s just no comparison when it comes to fresh spices versus dried and bottled ones.


2 Quarts apple cider, divided
1 piece fresh ginger, (2″) sliced
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar

1 28 oz. can pumpkin puree



Pour 3 cups of the apple cider into a saucepan; add the ginger slices, cinnamon stick, and cloves. Bring the mixture to a boil, turn down to a simmer, and cook for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, add the honey and brown sugar, and stir to dissolve. Refrigerate the mixture until well-chilled, or up to a week.

When ready to serve, strain the apple cider mixture into a large pitcher. Add the remaining apple cider and the pumpkin puree; stir well.

This one comes from MuggleNet.  It’s one of those that’s been copied and pasted all over the interwebs, for good reason.  It’s pretty straight-forward and incorporates all of the flavors and attributes of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter version.


  • 2 cups of pumpkin, chopped up into chunks
  • 2 cups of apple juice
  • ½ cup of pineapple juice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (more or less to your liking
  • Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and/or Allspice (all ground, to taste)


Step 1: Juice the pumpkin pieces by squeezing through a cheesecloth or using a juicer if you have one.

Step 2: Pour the pumpkin juice, apple juice and pineapple juice into a blender.

Step 3: Add the honey (we recommend you start with 1 teaspoon, as you can add some later!) to the juices and blend thoroughly.

Step 4: Add your spices (to taste). This might take some experimentation to get right.

Step 5: Chill your pumpkin juice or serve iced and enjoy!


Which is your favorite?  Or, is it none of the above?  Let me know in the comments!

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