Marriott Marquis Times Square- Don’t Bother

Sometimes in travel you experience the not so great things from a brand. Unfortunately I had this experience with the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. My biggest disappointment was that I was super excited to stay here and then completely let down by certain aspects. Don’t hype yourself up for a stay somewhere based on photos and word of mouth, wait and experience it for yourself.

My stay wasn’t completely bad, first the good about the Marquis. Location, Location, Location! Being in the heart of Times Square it is situated in the perfect location. You can walk outside and there are a million and one things to do, places to eat and shows to see on Broadway.

Great Views at Night!
Great Views at Night!

The rooms at the Marquis are HUGE, especially by New York City standards. Housekeeping was wonderful and our room was spotless for our entire stay. I really cant say enough about the rooms. However, this is a Tier 9 Marriott Property so that is to be expected.



Well that’s about it for the good, disappointing I know. A quick backstory, my husband travels a lot for his job and we are Platinum Rewards Members based upon the amount of stays. Also, he puts all of our stays on his AMEX corporate to get points with Marriott for using that card as well. He books any Marriott travel for us and I just check in. Pretty easy right? Nope not at the Marquis. The Marquis wouldn’t charge the AMEX on file (this card is used for every Marriott stay), they insisted that the card had to be there. In order to check in I had to give them my credit card, then I had to spend an hour and half to get paperwork filed, my husband involved and the charges put on his AMEX. That’s exactly how I want to begin my weekend away. Side note- I stayed at the Renaissance Times Square just 2 weeks prior and they had no issues with my check in. The excuse I got tired of hearing was “that’s not how we do it here”. We have stayed at Marriott brands all over the country and just because you are in Times Square you are different? In 3 years we have never had this much of a headache with check in.

That evening my partner in crime and I decided to head down to the lobby bar for a drink before dinner. The bar was pretty much empty, maybe 6 people at the bar and about 3 tables seated. It took 30 minutes to get a server to notice us and one round of drinks, and a extra 30 minutes just to get our check and get out of there. Really? An hour for 2 drinks? Between the check in issue and now the staff issue at the bar I was really turned off by this hotel. Tomorrow is a new day…

I was attending a conference while I was in town and the Marquis was the site of the conference. I woke up hoping Friday night was a fluke with just bad staff, today would be different and change my mind about the Marquis. Nope not at all. We had a catered breakfast and the food was luke warm at best, really? It’s 8am you can’t make sure it’s a hot breakfast for your guests? I know how catering works but we were a small group. Also, in the 4 hours we sat in our meeting not one staff member came in to clear the breakfast plates and cups, we were actually picking up our lunches and going back to clean up our own mess. You can’t tell me that someone wasn’t assigned to work with our room for the day that could have cleared those things. Finally someone showed up to start cleaning up the room and instead of a trash can he just walked around with a trash bag. Really? Come on Marriott, clean it up! How unprofessional is that among a group that has paid for a meeting/convention service at your hotel. The water was never refilled, the soda either. I hope the convention coordinator didn’t pay an arm and a leg for that, I would be raising a stink for sure.

Sunday brings a new day, and one more chance for the Marquis to redeem itself. I really wanted to love this hotel, I was optimistic every morning that the day before was a fluke. It never was, this hotel is just not worth the price tag.

The largest affiliate networking event in the WORLD was being held at the Marquis Sunday-Tuesday and this meant lots of people would be visiting. One would think the hotel would be on their A game for sure. Unfortunately we came back to the hotel to find the lobby bar closed at 3pm, littered with overflowing trash cans and trash all over the tables. I really wish I had taken a photo of this, because I was shocked! We asked the hostess to seat us for drinks and dessert and she declined stating that we had to go to the other bar for that as we could not be seated in the dining room for that. Ummm what? We followed her instruction and it took over 35 minutes to order 5 drinks and 4 desserts for our party from the other bar.

Marriott Marquis you may have prime real estate and huge rooms, but I will be taking my business back to the Renaissance one block away. Just because you fill your rooms and host conventions year round doesn’t make you the best in town and you proved that many times in a short three day weekend.

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  1. It really was an awful experience that weekend. I was shocked even more that they closed the Concierge for the entire weekend starting at 2pm Friday! As you and I were saying while we waited an hour for our drinks at the bar if you are used to traveling and having a Concierge Lounge available to you at pretty much all hours it’s crazy that they would close it while they were hosting a HUGE conference.

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