Good Friday Activities for Kids

While the Easter Bunny and egg hunts have become the forefront of Easter, the true meaning behind Easter is a beautiful and powerful message to share with children. As Easter approaches, share the miracle of the holiday with your little ones, reinforcing what they’ve learned at Sunday school, church or from your family. Try these kid-friendly Good Friday activities for your little ones as you take time to reflect and honor .

Plant a tree to symbolize life



As you talk about Good Friday with your kids, ease their anxieties by focusing on the miracle of the Resurrection. To celebrate and symbolize life and miracles, plant a tree in your yard or find out if an area of your community would like you to donate a sapling. It’s easier for children to visualize the promise of a full grown tree if you begin by planting a sapling as opposed to a seed. Encourage the kids to talk about how they feel and ask questions. Of course you will want to answer things on their level, only you know what your kids can handle.

Read stories about Good Friday


The Easter Story

The story of the days leading up to Easter is a somber tale that can make some young kids feel anxious. If you want to share the story of Good Friday with your kids but you’re not sure how to tell it in a kid-friendly way, consider reading a picture book written specifically for children. The Week that Led to Easter by Joanne Larrison and The Easter Story by Patricia A. Pingry both share the story of Easter in a way that isn’t too scary for small children.


Crown of Thorns Snack



As you make these three ingredient treats, discuss the meaning and significance of the crown of thorns.


  • Sugar Cookies or Round Crackers
  • Smooth Peanut Butter
  • Mini Twist Pretzels (broken into pieces)

Assembly Instructions

  1. Spread the peanut butter onto the sugar cookie or cracker.
  2. Place the mini twist pretzels around the edges of the spread peanut butter and press to secure.

No matter how you share this day with your children or family, I hope you are blessed and have a wonderful Easter.



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