Fingerling review
1 month ago

Fingerlings Toy Review: Go Bananas with Baby Monkeys

Fingerlings baby monkeys cling to your fingers and go where you go. They react to sound, motion and touch, make fun little monkey noises, and move in ways that will make you squeal with delight. Friendship really is at your fingertips! Fingerlings: The Season’s Hottest Toy Each season there is a hot toy trend, last […]

1 month ago

The Itch Eraser Review: Ditch The Itch This Season

The Itch Eraser is a steriod-free skin care cream or spray with ultra- healing ingredients. The Itch Eraser has only been around a short time, and is already a household name. In a nutshell, it erases the itch from bug bites, poison ivy and rashes to name a few. The Itch Eraser The Itch Eraser […]

1 month ago

Top 5 Walt Disney World Restaurants: For First Timers

Deciding where to eat at Walt Disney World is almost as exciting as deciding where to stay and how to tour the parks. Visiting Walt Disney World as a first timer can be overwhelming, and you definitely want to see and do as much as possible. But you can’t forget to eat! That is where […]

2017 Kia Niro Ex Hybrid Review
1 month ago

2017 Kia Niro EX Hybrid Review: Offering MPG That Will Turn Heads

Meet The 2017 Kia Niro EX Hybrid First and foremost it looks nothing like a hybrid. The design is Kia’s strongest selling point: a hybrid that doesn’t look hybrid. Its crossover design, short overhangs, extended roof-line, and wide stance give the Niro a look that other hybrids don’t have. As a crossover, the Niro sits higher […]

the palm beaches
1 month ago

The Palm Beaches: Lions and Turtles and Zebra OH MY!

The Palm Beaches is 47 miles of oceanfront property on the South East Coast of Florida. And while you can certainly enjoy the water activities there is so much more to explore, from luxury resorts, to water parks, a science center and more, The Palm Beaches is certainly a family friendly destination. During a recent […]

boost your influence
1 month ago

Boost Your Influence Conference Discount Code!

Boost Your Influence will be held Oct 21 from 8.30 a.m.-5 p.m. at The Hershey Lodge and I have a discount for YOU! This small blogger think-tank will help you get your business to the next level. Boost Your Influence What Is It? Boost Your Influence is a small group, learning focused conference geared towards […]

1 month ago

Nalgene Kids: Marvel and More for Back to School

Back to School is here, whether we like it or not, it’s time to prepare. Nalgene Kids has partnered with Marvel and is now carrying a brand new line of licensed water bottles. Parents will love them because they are 100% leak-proof and kids will love all their favorite characters in their lunch bags. Nalgene […]

sunny day
2 months ago

Sunny Day: Nick Jr. Preschool Series to Premier Aug 21

Preschoolers will be smiling and styling with Sunny and her friends in Nickelodeon’s brand-new animated series, Sunny Day, premiering Monday, Aug. 21, at 10 a.m. (ET/PT).  The series (40 episodes) centers on Sunny, a 10-year-old master hairstylist and entrepreneur who uses creative problem-solving to tackle any dilemma that arises in her seaside town of Friendly Falls. Sunny Day The characters […]

last minute travel
2 months ago

Last Minute Travel with DOSH-Visit The Sweetest Place on Earth

Last minute travel is possible–with the help of DOSH. We still have a full five weeks of summer left and we plan to use as much of that time as we can before back to school. DOSH is an app that allows you to get paid for doing what you love, including travel with your family. […]

fun mom dinner
2 months ago

Every Mom Needs a #FunMomDinner: In Theaters and On Demand TODAY

Fun Mom Dinner is one of the funniest “Mom movies” I have seen. Peppered with an all-star cast that everyone can relate to (yes even the Dads), you will find yourself wondering if that is you on the screen. I was invited to the press event by Momentum Pictures this week, and while the stomach […]

family friendly london
2 months ago

Family Friendly London Landmarks

On a first trip to London with kids, you will definitely have to visit the city’s famous landmarks. Many of these are certainly part of the tourist stops, but the kids love them, too. After all, kids have often heard of the tourist spots, and they want to see the sights with their own eyes. […]

ant-man and the wasp
2 months ago

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Marvel Studios Begins Production

Marvel Studios is NOT slowing down anytime soon. Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña and Michael Douglas return for the highly anticipated “Ant-Man” sequel. Marvel Studios announced today that production has begun on “Ant-Man and The Wasp,” starring Paul Rudd (“Captain America: Civil War,”  “The Fundamentals of Caring”), Evangeline Lilly (“The Hobbit: The Battle of the […]

flipazoo review
2 months ago

Flip Zee Girls and FlipaZoo Review

Your kids will flip for these all new toys. A few weeks ago I attended Sweet Suite at Blogger Bash and came across these new plush pals from Jay @ Play. I love a multi-toy and that is exactly what these guys are! FlipAZoo The FlipaZoo toy is two buddies in one- It’s not one […]

mazda cx-5 grand touring
2 months ago

2017 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring: A CUV For Every Season

The Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring is in a close second position for my favorite SUV, right behind the larger CX-9. I like big cars, no clue why as we are only a family of four but it’s a third row that gets my top pick each and every time. With that said, If I were […]

2 months ago

Walt Disney World Ice Cream: Top 5 Sweet Treats

Ice cream and Walt Disney World go together like hot fudge and sundaes!  Whether you are visiting Disney World in July, which is National Ice Cream Month, or January, you will likely be treating yourself to something cool and sweet. Walt Disney World is more than just Mickey Ice Cream Bars-although those ARE a must […]

personal trainer food
2 months ago

Personal Trainer Food: Great Taste, Small Waist- Let’s Find Out

Personal Trainer Food is a program that delivers meals to you, to help you reach your fitness goals. Sounds easy right? In my line of work I am either sitting behind my desk writing or I am on press trips eating high fat foods and drinking alcohol. All bad habits, and all have led to […]

2 months ago

Hard Rock Cafe New York City: A Rock N Roll Party in Times Square

Hard Rock Cafe, New York City is in the heart of Times Square. Located on Broadway you won’t find much more of an iconic location. Hard Rock Cafe New York will rock your senses with tantalizing food and drinks and an awe-inspiring collection of music memorabilia. Hard Rock Cafe New York City Chances are you […]

trump soho new york
2 months ago

Trump SoHo New York City Review: Unsurpasssed Luxury

Trump SoHo New York is a luxury hotel by every standard. Whenever I am in New York City I want to be away from Midtown, you cannot relax there. The perfect combination for a  New York luxury getaway is a quiet location, big rooms, spa, on site bar, close to great shopping and dining. I […]

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