Antsy Pants Build & Play: Where Imagination and Creativity Meet

Antsy Pants Build & Play
Medium Antsy Pants Build & Play Kit

Antsy Pants Build & Play kids playhouse kits are designed to let kids’ imaginations run wild and creativity flow. We were sent a medium Build & Play Kit to review, and it became an instant hit in our house. While we were only sent one kit (three sizes are available) my daughter has created forts, teepee’s and a few other things I am unsure of. I love to see her using her imagination and what the finished product is.

Antsy Pants Build & Play

With the ability to build anything from a pirate ship that lets you sail the seven seas, to a castle that protects you from invading dragons, each kit encourages imaginative and limitless play. The kits are sold in three sizes, small, medium and large. And you can purchase covers that will complete the design your child wants. We do have the Lemonade stand cover, and once that kit was built, it now permanently sits at my husbands local business. My youngest daughter proudly serves his customers on weekends.

antsy pants build & play
Lemonade stand cover, for small kits

Even after building the lemonade stand, we still have plenty of build and play pieces left for other more free-flowing designs.  If your child doesn’t like to follow project directions and prefers to use their own imagination I would purchase the large build kit. That will allow for truly limitless building possibilities.

Easy to Assemble

The build & play kits are very easy to assemble, as they are made with high quality Snap and Click™ poles and connectors. When the lemonade stand was built I barely had to assist, and the girls (age 8) built it themselves. The system is color coded, so if you are following directions for a specific cover it will walk you through exactly how to build it step by step.

antsy pants build & play

If the kids are having difficulty reading the directions, you can visit the website and find a step by step video tutorial for them, on how to put together your kit.

Available Kits

Small: 68 pieces, easy-to-build with color coded poles and connectors, compatible with tent, donut shop, teepee, farmer’s market, and lemonade stand covers. (Retail: $29.99)

Medium: 81 pieces, compatible with lemonade stand, farmer’s market, donut shop, play house, circus tent, fairy tale castle and ball pit. (Retail: $49.99)

Large: 123 pieces, compatible with the Ice Cream Truck and Pirate Ship. Can also be used with any small or medium kit cover. (retail: $79.99)

antsy pants build and play
Large Kit, photo courtesy Antsy Pants

If you want to add to your kit you can order expansion packs of connectors and poles, this is less than buying a second kit if you only want a few extra pieces.

Get Play and Give Play

While my daughter loves the toy I love that each purchase gives back to kids in need. With each product purchased, Antsy Pants helps support KaBOOM!, a national non-profit dedicated to ensuring that all kids get a childhood filled with the balanced and active play they need to thrive.

Antsy Pants will make a donation to KaBOOM! for each product purchased, and is projected to give more than $150,000 in the first year to build playgrounds for kids across America.

Having a safe and fun place to play is something that every child deserves, and I applaud Antsy Pants for giving back in partnership with KaBOOM!

antsy pants build and play

Where To Purchase

These kits are available exclusively at Target stores nationwide and online. I have found all three kits available in the store, however the covers are not fully stocked. If your child wants a specific cover you can get them all on-line.

Did you know according to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day? Antsy Pants Play has found a way for them to put down the devices and use their imaginations to create and play. Currently our kit is set up as a tent in the playroom, who knows what she will turn it into tomorrow. But I love watching her mind work and a fun project unfold.

If you want to make a toy purchase that not only allows your child hours of play, but also gives back, Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits are a fantastic gift. 

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