Personal Trainer Food: Did It Really Work For This Mom?

personal trainer food

For the past 28 days I have been following the Personal Trainer Food Program. I did have a press trip thrown in the mix, and although I didn’t have the food with me I followed the protein and veggie rules while traveling. It was painful to watch my friends eating fried calamari and breakfast pastries, but I did it and didn’t cheat. Did it work? Is it a gimmick? Let’s find out!

Full disclosure, I am the heaviest I have ever been including after having kids. It’s not a good place to be–and I wanted to change. My pants were too tight, my shirts uncomfortable and I just didn’t feel attractive in my skin. Ladies, I think we all go through this at some point, especially those that stay home. I mean what the hell is my excuse? I work from home full-time and make my own schedule, I can prepare my meals and work out whenever I want.

Personal Trainer Food

As I was bitching to my best friend about my weight, lo and behold came an opportunity to review Personal Trainer Food. I thought “oh good, another diet gimmick”. However, I was still curious. If I was going to do this I was going all in on the 28 day REV plan.

When I began the program last month, I broke down exactly what I would be doing. You can find that here.

personal trainer food review


Everyday, for the past 28 days, I have had eggs and a meat protein source. I won’t lie, in the beginning I didn’t love the eggs (remember it’s all frozen food) but it grew on me after the first five days. I chose a variety of their omelette with meat, and didn’t get too bored with it. You can choose not to add breakfast to your program and make your own eggs (anyway you like) and breakfast meat. On the plus side eggs and meats are unlimited, so enjoy as much as you want to feel full in the morning.

You won’t be enjoying any breads, cereal, yogurt or fruit on this program. Eggs and Meat…simple protein to start the day. I didn’t love the bacon option, it just didn’t heat right. I would suggest the sausages for sure.

personal trainer food review
Western Omelette and Bacon from Personal Trainer Food.


By lunch I was pretty hungry, if I couldn’t hold myself over from breakfast I would have an apple or a cheese stick until my next meal. I had ordered a large variety of meats and veggies from the program so I wouldn’t grow tired of eating the same thing.  I could either do two veggies or a meat and veggie. I would normally make a huge salad and load it up with cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs and other fresh ingredients then add my protein. Sometimes it was actually more than I could finish, not a bad problem to have.

personal trainer food
The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sticks were a good lunch option with a side salad

If I didn’t want a protein on my salad I would heat up 2 bags of veggies and throw them on spinach with dressing. You can use any dressing you want just make sure the sugar content is low, fat doesn’t matter so no need for low-calorie.


This was simple, always one bag of veggies and a protein. I loved the garlic butter that came with the program, and that went on my veggies almost each time I had them. If I had 2 servings of veggies for lunch I would have a protein with an approved snack to go with it. My favorite was the angus burger and a pickle. I would serve the burger over lettuce (no bun!)

personal trainer food
The Angus Burger was my favorite protein!

As far as the protein I liked almost everything I ordered with the exception of the rotisserie chicken, the teriyaki chicken and the meatballs. I think the chicken was thigh meat and I couldn’t do the consistency, it just didn’t work for me. As for the meatballs (turkey or beef) they were dry and just gross. Otherwise I really enjoyed my meals, the burger was my favorite by far and not far behind that was the meatloaf, both full of flavor.

Snack Time

When your used to eating whatever you want whenever you want, making conscious choices about snacks is eye-opening. If I wanted something salty and crunchy I reached for a pickle. I also enjoyed an apple a day (no other fruits because high in sugars), raw veggies with ranch or blue cheese and hard-boiled eggs. I never felt that I was missing out on anything after the first week, and honestly that was all mind over matter. Your body doesn’t need the junk but it craves it.

Drink your water, this helps you to feel full. I would add sugar-free crystal light or lemon as well just for flavor. I gave up Coke (soda) 5 weeks ago, before I began the program and still don’t drink it. Honestly, I don’t miss it and you won’t either- don’t even drink diet, just give it up all together. You will be amazed to see how much bloat goes away in your belly.

personal trainer food
Personal Trainer Food- Do’s and Dont’s For Success

So, Did It Work?

I can enthusiastically say this program absolutely works! I lost a total of 8.6 lbs and better yet 6 inches!! My pants fit, my watch is loose on my wrist and I am beginning to feel comfortable in my clothes as a whole. Now that I have kick started my weight loss its time to throw in 30 minutes of exercise a day and get my metabolism going to burn more fat.

Right now, I can’t afford to stay on this program-but I did learn that I can make better choices and not feel that I am missing out. Skip the pasta and get extra veggies, ditch the bun and load up on tomato and lettuce–all small things that add up to a huge change. On the road and hitting a carry out? Go with grilled chicken and a salad–take a pass on the pizza or burgers.

Good health is about passing on the processed junk and eating real food- and that is what Personal Trainer Food is. Real Food, No Gimmicks.

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Disclosure: I was given a 28 Day supply of Personal Trainer Food ($500 value) for an honest review. No further compensation will be given. 

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