Five Delicious Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day

It’s Pi Day!  And while 3.14 is of very mathematical importance, today we are going to talk about pie.  The kind of pie you eat, enjoy, and don’t think two seconds about any of the calories!  What better excuse to eat pie than to eat it on March 14th, Pi Day!  I have put together five delicious pie recipes for you to make to celebrate Pi Day!


Pi Day Recipes

  1. This Easy Maraschino Cherry Pie from CincyShopper look so pretty and delicious!  Maraschino Cherry is a unique pie flavor, and perfect if you want to try something new.

pi day

2. Oh goodness these No Bake Mini Cherry Tarts from MooShu Jenne are something my family would LOVE!  These are reminiscent of my private school days, and they would serve us something very similar for dessert.  Plus, she had me at graham cracker crust.

3Homemade Blueberry Custard Pie from Bunny’s Warm Oven uses fresh blueberries and a dash of cinnamon. Look how comforting it looks–the combination sounds amazing!  Plus, the custard is just homey and comforting on a cold, March evening.

4. With spring on the horizon this Frozen Lemonade Pie at Amanda’s Cookin’ is a welcome flavor combination.  Perfect if you are looking to make something refreshing and fun for dessert!

5. Easy No Bake, Mud Pie from Ann’s Entitled Life is a MUST have on a pie list!  Chocolate?  Yes.  Ice Cream?  Yes.  And did you say Oreo’s?!  This pie is decadent, rich, and a must make for chocolate lovers.

No matter which of these delicious treats you make, they are sure to be a hit for this evenings dessert. Which one will you be making for Pi Day?

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