Escape in the Mazda6 I Grand Touring

Recently my husband and I traveled to Tampa for a blogger event and my friends at Drive Shop USA loaned us a Mazda6 I Grand Touring.  I will be honest here, I drive a mini-van and hate it. This was a fun car to have for a weekend with no kids! When the valet pulled the sleek red model around we were thrilled! It was like we were kids. Look out Florida, this mini-van mom has a sports car.

Mazda6 Grand Touring
Mazda6 Grand Touring

The Mazda6 Grand Touring offered many stylish and functional features and an optional “sport” mode to give the engine an extra boost when needed. I won’t lie, we tested this out on I-4. It helped us get around all the tourist traffic in Orlando from the airport. Remember I drive a mini-van, there is no sporty anything on it.  Of course I was going to have some fun with the Mazda6 Grand Touring

The exterior design on the 2016 Mazda6 Grand Touring is very good on the eyes. With a newly designed front grille and signature wing design with LED headlamps; from the front you would never think it was a four door car.  Inside, the gray leather interior with red trim really complimented the dark black dash, steering wheel and carpet. The seats are comfortable with lumbar support, head rests and seat warmers! Oh how I love the seat warmer option.

My favorite option by far was dual control of the temperature. My husband enjoys the car to be a frozen tundra at 65 degrees and I am better with it around 70 degrees. We were both happy and comfortable the entire trip. Not one, please turn the heat on or the air down conversation. This is a total win in my book.

For a smaller car there is ample interior space in the Mazda6, especially in the front seat. My family of four would have fit in this car but my 16-year-old wouldn’t have had tons of leg room. I would say the Mazda6 is perfect for a family with small children. It offers quite a lot of trunk space measuring at 14.8 cubic feet. You can certainly fit a stroller in there. We fit 2 large suitcases with plenty of room to spare.

Mazda 6 I Grand Touring specs
Mazda 6 I Grand Touring specs

Having an older mini-van I personally love the Heads Up display.  Never heard of it? It is a transparent display on the windshield of your surroundings without having to look all around you. Another fantastic feature is you can tune the radio, position your seats and adjust your mirrors all from the steering wheel. No more distracted driving with the Mazda6 Grand Touring.

Heads Up keeps you from being distracted while driving.
Heads Up keeps you from being distracted while driving.

The Mazda6 Grand Touring is extremely functional but offers a ton of luxury. Offering 28 mpg city, 40 mpg highway; 32 combined it is easy on the purse when it comes to filling up. We never had to get gas from Tampa to Orlando roundtrip! With a price point starting at $21.500 this is a much more affordable vehicle with a luxury feel. You can of course add all the bells and whistles if that is in your price point but the base price can’t be beat.

If you are going away for a couples weekend and need a rental car, this is the perfect choice. With its sleek design and fun features you can leave the worries of parenting behind and enjoy your sporty and luxurious car. The Mazda6 Grand Touring was an escape for this mini-van Mom.

Try out the Mazda6 Grand Touring, you wont regret it.

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