Portable North Pole sharing the Magic of Christmas

With only ten days until Christmas little girls and boys are getting excited, share a Portable North Pole experience with them and really get them ready for Santa. Portable North Pole is a personalized experience that allows parents to deliver a Christmas message to the kids, direct from Santa in the North Pole.

portable north pole

The Portable North Pole is a magical tradition in our home and you can begin this tradition in yours. This is a unique and FREE experience, with a video tailored to each child their little faces light up every-time they watch.

How Portable North Pole works is easy:

Visit www.portablenorthpole.com (or download the FREE  PNP  app) answer a few simple questions about your little ones and upload your favorite photos. The  content entered quickly transforms into a charming personalized  video  message  from  Santa  Claus,  delivered  directly  from  his  North  Pole  village!  Children can hear from Santa in English, French or Spanish. Along with the video you can also set up a call from Santa ($3.99 fee) for your little ones. We do this on Christmas Eve and my little one gets so excited!

Packages available: 

Children’s standard FREE video: Three minutes long, with 8 customizations.
Grown-­up standard FREE video: Two minutes long and suited for adults with 8 entertaining customizations and 3 photos.
Premium Video: $4.99, for a 5 minute video with choice of five story lines, 18 customizations and 5 photos.
Santa Call: $3.99 for a one minute call with up to 4 customizations and a choice of 19  story lines.
Unlimited  Passes: $12.99 for Gold  Pass offering UNLIMITED Calls and Videos. Great  for larger families!


Santa was nice enough to offer my readers a 20% discount off any of the paid packages! Use code BLG20PNP at checkout for the savings.
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